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5 Paragraph Essay Papers

Introduction to a five paragraph Essay

There are many ways we adapt to explain our discussion. These ways make our essays unique from others. These ways create the difference in how clearly our points are explained and how well those points are grabbed by the readers. These are very significant factors and make us the pioneers in the Industry. Writing essays in the form of a five paragraph essay is one of those best adapted methods.

A five paragraph essay is the most popular essay in educational institutes as it is the standard way of writing High school essays, MBA essays, scholarship essays and compositions. Although it is not a rule that all academic essays should be five paragraph essays but it is a convention they follow. The reason behind this is a five paragraph essay is very well organized, very simple and easily understandable at a glance. This can be used as model especially for the beginners who started learning to write English essays.

Five paragraph essay is divided as below.
1. Introductory Para – Essay starts with an introductory paragraph. This contains the main subject statement which gives the readers an outline about the essay content and they will know what the author is going to present in that essay.

2. Body para1 – of the essay contains the substantial points and arguments that should support the author’s discussion.

3. Body para2 – contains fine illustrations about the main topic to give the readers a crystal clear picture about the subject.

4. Body para3 – contains examples to make your points clear.

4. Conclusion –It is preferred to end any English essay with a conclusion paragraph. Here we paraphrase our main subject and summarize the pertinent points. Also provide a final statement to signal the reader that the discussion has come to an end.

Take an example of Love essay. In introductory paragraph explain about Love and its greatness. In the first paragraph add more points and prove them by quoting good essay examples. In the subsequent two paras you can add references to nice love stories and finally conclude it with a conclusion paragraph. This makes your love essay a perfect five paragraph essay.

Points to remember:

  • Essays starting with statements such as “In this essay I am going to write……..” or “This essay is about…..” don’t build excitement.
  • The last line of introductory para should act as a bridge between the subsequent paras and the introductory para.
  • It is always better to maintain a link between the paragraphs to make our essay more meaningful.
  • The main statement in the conclusion para must not be a duplicate to the original statement.

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