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Descriptive Essay: Tips and Important Hints

Descriptive essay is another type of writing that involves using vivid images to depict an object. It could be a person, place, animal, memory, experience, gifts, and so on. Writing this type of essay is very daunting especially if you do not have the skill of writing, if you need to learn contact ProfEssays.

Descriptive essay is most difficult to write compare to other essays like; persuasive essay, analytical, personal essay, informative essay paper, cause and effect essays etc. the reason is the writer have to possess the skill to actually depict a vivid imagery of a subject such that it will excite the readers.

Descriptive Essay Writing Prompt

Focus on the five senses namely; smell, hear, seeing, touch, taste. Mention if the subject have good fragrance, the sound they make, etc


Always state your thesis statement before writing any essay, including descriptive essay. Contact ProfEssays for more information about thesis statement.

Next go to introduction; Give a little background information about your subject, and what readers should look out for.

The body is the next after introduction; this is where all your expertise is paraded fully, Write about pictorial elements in the scene of the subject, the sound, what you heard, and so on, remember the senses, all these must be put together to make sense to the reader and at the same time create excitement.

The body of your write up is very important, this is where you achieve or loose the goal of your write up. Do you know you can get custom papers online for any essay you want, no need to crack your brain needlessly, take your writing jobs to ProfEssays, they offer on time delivery of custom written paper at reasonable price.

Conclusion: bring the composition to an end, reaffirm your thesis statement here, and bring home your point.

Becoming a good descriptive essay writer is not a days job, however there are specialist willing to give you all the services you may require, some even have custom essay papers ready to suit your need, but few actually delivers, ProfEssays complete custom papers within 8 hours, papers are written from scratch with accordance to our customers needs.

1. No matter how subjects appear, ordinary or dull, it is the writer responsibility to make it exciting.
2. Offer detailed descriptive and specific explanations to all your points
3. Build a simple organization guide to work from general to specific, have a paragraph that explains your title.
When you are done, find out if the essay answers the following question:
1. Does your essay have enough vivid details?
2. Are minor but useful details included in the essay?
3. Did you words carry enough emotion details required?
4. Do you have any pointless information included in the essay?
5. Did you write each description using different paragraphs?
Descriptive essay skill is very potent, and useful in writing novels, in fact ability to represent events vividly to readers is what earns one a best writer title.

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