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Creative Writing for Beginners Class

This class aims to teach about creative writing and its subtopics in general. After going through the set of lessons you will learn about creative writing and its different forms be it fiction or non-fiction and the like. The students will now be able to create their own narrative essays, fiction and non-fiction stories, poems and different kinds of articles. You should be able to distinguish the differences between the different types of creative writing. You would also now know what creative writing can teach you and how it can help with their everyday lives.


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Creative Writing for Beginners: Conclusion
Lesson 17: The Final Step: Publishing Your Work
Lesson 16: Resources of Writers
Lesson 15: Making your Creativity Running
Lesson 3: Getting Ahead of Writers Block
Lesson 13: Drama, Script and Screen Writing
Lesson 14: Editing is Key
Lesson 12: Articles, Blogs and Journalistic Piece Writing
Lesson 11: A Deeper look into Poetry
Lesson 10: Why write Poetry