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Lesson 16: Resources of Writers


  • To know what resources writers use to aid in their writing
  • To know how writers use their resources
  • To know the advantages and advantages when using resources
  • To know what problems may be encountered when using resources

Quick Navigation through the Lesson 16:


A resource means that it gives something or something can be taken from it. In literature and other industries resources serve as helping hands or supporting aids where a writer or person can get more information about a subject or topic. Sometimes a writer can get an idea just by reading a resource material. Resource materials can either be in printed form or not.

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Different types of resources for writers

  • Books – this can be text books, story books etc. that contains a huge amount of information that you can borrow from.
  • Blogs – contain links that lead to more blogs that you can get ideas from.
  • Other people’s conversation – you can get ideas when listening to other people and their chatter or conversation. It can help with the creation of the tone of character.
  • Art – art express what words cannot. It conveys an artist’s feelings which when you interpret can give you an idea or two.
  • Music – sometimes when a person listens to a song he/she gets an immediate realization or insight which can help with writing the story.
  • Quotations – Writers can get help from other writers or authors quotations. You can use these in your story provided that you will give credit and cite the author and his/her works in your book or story.
  • Travel – people gain insights on a culture when they travel. Those insights can help in generating ideas or supporting details for a story.
  • Newspapers – Newspapers contain a lot of information which will also be a part of history after a day or two. You can gain information that can aid your work from a newspaper.
  • Dreams – a person can incorporate dreams in their work or stories if they can remember what they have dreamed about.
  • Internet – the internet is a vast body of information online. You can gather as much information as you need when using the internet.
  • Watching other people – you can gain more insights about how to create characters when you try to observe other people.

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How writers use resources when writing

Writers can gain more information about their subject with the help of other resources. Resource materials can either give the writer an idea or supporting details that can be used in his/her story. Writers read books, blogs, newspapers etc. so that they can research about what can work best with what they are writing. They observe their surroundings and go through experiences to help them understand and feel what a character can be able to feel and go through. The writer needs the aid of resource materials to give his/her story depth and substance.

Benefits of using Resource materials

  • It gives you a vast collection of information

Resource materials give you a lot of information that you can choose from when writing your story.

  • It makes research for certain topics easier

With the use of resource materials gathering supporting details and information will be easier for you.

  • It is easily available

Resource materials can be found in the library, a bookstore, the internet etc.

  • It can help with the creation of new ideas

By reading different types of resource material one can gain information and be able to create new ideas from them.

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Some Problems that can be Encountered when using Resource Materials

  • There can be copyright issues

Some resource materials cannot be used by others because of copyright issues.

  • Credibility of the material can be questioned

Sometimes resource materials do not actually state proven facts or information resulting to your work being wrong in a way as well. A writer must only use credible research materials.

  • The materials used can be costly

Resource materials can be costly especially when you need a number of it or a lot of it.

  • Can hinder the generation of new ideas or supporting details

Reading resources materials can either help you create new ideas or hinder you from doing so. It can hinder you because you will tend to go with what is already written and rephrase rather than make one your own.

In conclusion, you know understand what resources are and its different types. You know have knowledge on how resource materials help writers when creating or fixing a story. You now know the advantages and disadvantages when you use different kinds of resource materials.

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In the next lesson you will get an idea on how to publish your own writing. Publishing means the production and multiplication of a work so that the public can utilize or read it. You will know about what writers do to get their works published. Read the next lesson for a deeper insight on publishing.



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