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Lesson 15: Making your Creativity Running


  • To know the ways on how to unlock ones creativity
  • To understand the role of creativity in creative writing
  • To know the problems encountered when unlocking ones creativity


Creativity means using ones imagination to create or generate something or something new. Creativity is a byproduct of the word creative, meaning doing something with the use of the imagination like art. Creativity is what helps give a story originality and distinctiveness. A writer uses his/her creativity to give their story personality and variety.

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Ways on unlocking Ones Creativity

  • Try something new

When a person tries something new he/she gets to find new concepts and gain new experiences which can help him/her with powering up their imagination.

  • Do not stick with rules too much

Sticking with rules can be a factor when one writes creatively. Sometimes rules can constrict a person from thinking outside the box thus limiting their creativity.

  • Try thinking from a different point of view

When a person uses the same way of thinking over and over again ideas tend to be stuck in its old form making no room for new ones. He/she must try thinking from different points of view to help create more new ideas.

  • Dig Deep

A person must try to find his/her own motivation or drive. A person must connect with something he/she loves to be more passionate when creating something.

  • Have Fun

A person needs to have fun when doing something creatively this is the element that makes them engage fully with what they are doing.

How Writers unlock their creativity when writing

  • The writer understands that one is different from the other

People are different from one another generally, so one writer’s way of thinking is different from another writers. The processes they go through vary with one another.

  • The writer tries to find his/her own method when writing

Some work well with a set of rules when writing while others tend to find their own way better without restrictions. As soon as the writer finds their method the other elements just follow.

  • The writer knows to always be true to themselves

By trusting their instincts when writing and just letting go, the writer can get a lot of ideas flowing.

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Problems faced when unleashing creativity

  • Tend to be closed minded

Not adapting to new ideas and ways of doing things can sometimes hinder a person from being creative. Refusing to adapt to change can put a block to ones creative prowess.

  • No paradigm shift

Creativity is not fully utilized if a person doesn’t challenge their beliefs and way of thinking. If a person refuses to look using a different perspective, ideas will remain the same.

  • Lack of brainstorming moments

A person also needs to think about all the possible ideas that can be generated when he/she brainstorms. A person shouldn’t just go with what he/she already knows but must also try to create more from the already thought of ideas.

  • Too little focus

When a person thinks too much he/she doesn’t direct his/her attention or focus on an idea that he/she can expound on. He/she doesn’t fully utilize their creativity because there is no definite subject or idea.

  • Lacking Time

Creativity doesn’t hit a person immediately sometimes resulting in longer hours of just thinking. A person must try to find a push or reasons to jump start the rhythm of creativity in them. When a person loves what he/she does the task becomes easier for them.

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Exercises to help unleash creativity

  • Try the Alternatives Uses Test

Give yourself two minutes to think of different uses for a single everyday object like a mug or chair etc. This test was developed by J.P. Guilford in 1967.

  • Undergo the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking

Give yourself 5 minutes to complete an incomplete drawing. Here, the person is given a shape to work with and it is up to him/her on how he/she will finish the drawing. This test was developed by Ellis Paul Torrance in the 60’s.

  • Have fun with riddles

Riddles exercise a person’s critical thinking skills.  By trying to answer riddles the person can think of a lot of possible ideas but arrive to one general answer.

  • Answer the Remote Associates Test

This uses three unrelated words where in the person has to answer. Here, the person needs to come up with a fourth word to connect all three given words together.

  • The Candle Problem

In this test developed by Karl Duncker in 1945, the person is given a candle, a box of matches and thumbtacks as well and he/she will be asked to pin the candle to the wall and not make it drip wax. This test tries to challenge a person’s creative problem solving skill.

In conclusion, you have now learned the different ways on how you can personally unlock or unleash your own creativity. This lesson gives you exercises on how to fuel your creativity when you think that it is running low or just not coming to you.

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In the next lesson you will know more about the different resources writers use when creating a story or piece. Resources are writers helping tool when generating ideas or when they are in need of supporting information for their stories or piece. Move on to the next lesson to understand more about the resources of writers.



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