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Lesson 13: Drama, Script and Screen Writing


  • To know more about what drama, script and screenplay writing is all about
  • To know how to write a script
  • To know the roles of actors, script writer/screenplay writers

Quick Navigation through the Lesson 13:


Drama in writing means creating a story intended to be acted out either on the stage or on the movie screen. Drama writing involves the expression of various emotions. It incorporates a lot of dialogue to let the readers and audience feel how the characters feel.

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Script writing

Script writing is writing what the actors will be performing. It is a detailed work that incorporates the elements on how to make a story but shown in a different way or format. A script should state what the actors are going to do, what they are going to say, what emotion they need to show, what they are wearing etc.


Screenplay writing

Screenplay writing is also the same with script writing the only difference is for whom the script is written. Writing a script for the audience of a stage play is different when writing a script for movie enthusiasts. Usually when a script is bought by a production house to be made into a movie it will have to be revised to suit the needs of the audience for that specific medium.

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How to write a Script in general

  • The script must have a title page

This shows the title and the contact information of the writer

  • Follow correct format when creating a script

This helps make the work more professional and helps the readers differentiate the different elements like dialogue from an actual scene.

  • Place helpful details

The writer must tell the reader when the scene is happening, where it is happening, who is part of the scene etc. He/she can also add instruction to give the actors a helping hand on how to do a scene.

  • Mind the length

One page of a script shouldn’t last an hour or so. Unlike a book a script must show everything that the writer wants to show in a timely manner.

  • Create a Premise

This will help the writer get an idea on which direction he/she would want the story to go. This is the concept of the story or script.

  • Use an outline

The task of writing a script will be easier for the writer if he/she creates an outline first. In this way the writer will be able to incorporate all the details he/she wants to add in a more organized manner.

  • Research about your story

By doing research the writer can make the story or script more realistic. This gives the story supporting details.

  • Write as simple as you can

The writer does not need to use hard to understand words when writing a script. Since it is intended for performance the script should be real sounding.

  • Improve dialogue

Again, a writer must think of the audience. Dialogue should be written in a way that would transcend emotion, making the audience feel what he/she wants them to feel.

  • Ask for other people’s critique

After finishing the script, the writer must seek the feedback and suggestions of people who have credibility when creating a script. It helps the writer gain knowledge of what needs to be improved with the story.

  • Revise

The writer must revise his/her work until he/she feels that the story or script is already at its best.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Script Writing


  • The writer gets his/her vision realized
  • The love for writing is still present
  • The writer will reach a greater amount of audiences
  • The writer can make a lasting impression
  • The writer can earn a huge amount of money


  • It might take a while before a company buys the writers script
  • Audiences might get the wrong impression
  • The writers vision might get portrayed wrong
  • The quality of the story might decrease

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In summary, lesson 13 aims to teach you what script writing is all about. Here, you will understand how drama is needed by a story that will be written for a play or the movie screen. And now, you will be able to write your own script using the pointers written above.

The next lesson will give you an idea on what editing is and how it helps a story. Editing is a a way for writers to correct their stories mistakes and modify parts that he/she doesn’t want to include in the story. You should read the next lesson to find out more about editing.



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