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Lesson 3: Getting Ahead of Writers Block


  • To know what writers block is
  • To know some of the causes of writers block
  • To know how to overcome writers block
  • To understand the problems that writers face when they have writers block

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Writers Block

Writers block means that a writer is unable to go on writing what he/she has already started to write. The writer is stuck or at a standstill when he/she has writers block. Either the writer has too many thoughts or none at all that make his/her writing process stop on its tracks. Writers block is a common problem for writers often caused by mixed emotions or conflicting feelings.

Causes of Writers Block

  • When the writer wants the first draft to be perfect

Writers don’t get it all right the first time, so if the writer insists on perfecting the first draft he/she will eventually have writers block.

  • Sticking to wrong phrases

When a writer knows that a phrase shouldn’t be part of the sentence and he/she insists on putting the phrase but using another word for it, it will still be the wrong phrase for the sentence. If the writer needs to omit or revise the whole sentences and create a new one he/she should.

  • Waiting for Inspiration to come

A writer who waits for inspiration to hit will more often than not have writers block. Inspiration hits immediately for others and most of the time it just takes too long to get to the writer. If the writer keeps waiting, inspiration might not come.

  • No note taking involved

A writer should always have notes to help support the idea. When the writer has extra help he will be able to be free from writers block.

  • Has no Goals

Brainstorming is one way for a writer to create goals for his/her story. When a writer is blocked he/she can always brainstorm to find new ideas.

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Writer’s Problems when they have writers block

  • They can’t think of an idea

This simply means that no good ideas come to mind.

  • They have lots of ideas but can’t pick one

This means that all their ideas sound good so they are having a hard time choosing only one.

  • They can’t move on from one part of the story

This means that the writer doesn’t know how to create the sequences that will happen after that part of the story.

  • They have no idea what happens next

This means either they have too many ideas on how the story should unfold that they can’t seem to find the perfect one. Or that they have no ideas and that the story seems ok as is.

  • They think that the story was already wrong from the beginning

This means that they can’t write anymore because they have a feeling that they should be writing a new story instead.

  • They are bored with their characters

They think that the characters have reached their full story potential even though it is not the end yet.

  • They fear that readers will dislike their story

This means that they don’t like harsh or negative feedback from others causing them to have writers block.

  • They can’t think of the correct term or word for a sentence or paragraph

They feel that they need to perfect the sentence but do not know which word or phrase to use.

  • After reading the story the writer suddenly think it’s not good

This means that they are in doubt whether to go through with sharing the story or not.

  • They don’t know how to start revising

This means that the writer feels that the story is already good so why start revising. Or they just don’t want to go through the whole process of it.

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Overcoming Writers Block

  • Do something creative other than writing

A writer should not write all the time, most of the time yes, but not all the time. When a writer makes time for other creative activities he/she exercises that part of himself/herself. Paint a picture or cook something new etc. these can help refuel ones creativity.

  • Free write

A writer should a lot time for free writing. Free writing is when a writer writes random things without thinking about proper grammar or correct use of punctuation etc. Free writing can be a source for new ideas.

  • Move

A writer should not always be sitting. It helps a writer be free from writers block just by moving. Exercise does the body goo and the brain as well because it will generate happy hormones or endorphins after exercising.

  • Try not to be distracted too much

A writer should not have distractions when writing. Having distractions leads to lesser focus and when a writer isn’t focused he/she will have a harder time writing.

  • Try to write in the mornings

The human brain is at its peak in the mornings, it can come up with interesting things when one lets it.

  • Try to write before bed

This is somehow the same as writing in the mornings. After a full day’s work and it is time to rest the writer can try to still write to see if any interesting ideas come up.

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In conclusion, this lesson aims to help you understand more about writers block. What it is, what it does to writers and how you can be rid of it. This gives you a better understanding of one of the problems of writers. And this also opens your eyes to what writers go through when they have writers block.

The next lesson will be about how you can unlock your creativity. The lesson will teach you more about what creativity is and how you can improve your own. Creativity simply means a creation of something new and unique it can be an idea, a joke etc. Read ahead for more details about this topic.




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