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Extended Essay Discussion and Outline

Custom Written Extended Essays

The extended essay is a mandatory element of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This educational program affords young students the chance to earn an internationally recognized “high school” certificate allowing access into tertiary or higher level education in many schools worldwide. The subject matter of this essay type is confined to the six subjects covered in IBDP: (1) Primary language, (2) Secondary language, (3) Sociology, (4) Practical Sciences, (5) Computer Science and Mathematics and (6) Arts. Since the IBDP approach to learning is intensive, analytical and multi-cultural in perspective, an extended essay thesis must reach deeper into the essay topic to transmit its significance to the international society.

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Professays.com is a company for writers and readers. Dedicated to encouraging literary awareness and developing talent it gives you these invaluable tips for writing IBDP essays. ProfEssays.com is known for superior custom essays that comply 100% with the client’s prerequisites. Their dependability in addressing problems and the punctuality of article delivery is also exemplary. It protects the identity of its client; your business is confidential.

Remember the following guidelines from ProfEssays.com when composing your extended essay:

  1. If a topic was given by your proctor, examine it and try to construct your logic by working from a focal idea you are familiar with. Research will be made easier if you have defined the starting point of your approach to the research paper topic.
  2. If the topic is unspecified, reflect well and define a topic you understand. Formulate it to fit in a well established and focused scope. Ambivalent and open-ended topics tend to blur the boundaries of discussion; the effect will be to blunt the impact of your article, confuse your readers and jeopardize your credits.
  3. Given the thrust of the IBDP program, although essay topic should not be loosely defined, the treatment of it should be flexible and taken from a universal point of view that makes allowances for cultural nuances. Filter out half-truths that are valid only in specific cultural settings from the hierarchy of your supportive statements.
  4. In case your proctor did not specify the specific format and style to use in your extended essay, here are the mandatory sections to include in its structure:
  • Essay title page
  • Approval page (containing the signature of the adviser or supervisor)
  • Abstract (a summary of the thesis)
  • Contents table
  • Main body: introduction, body and conclusion
  • Footnotes
  • Bibliography

Writing extended essays requires rigid discipline and a well-rounded knowledge of the subject matter. All of the competent and professional associates of ProfEssays.com are holders of Masters or Doctorate degrees in their respective fields of learning and are well-versed in universal application of their discipline. They hold consultations for all aspects of writing, including IBDP essays, for topics that belong to their field of expertise. Moreover, they are alert on copyright violation, intentional or not. An anti-plagiarism module checks their custom research papers prior to publication. Its products are guaranteed fresh-from-the-garden originals. Did I mention their friendly rates?

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