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In any individual, health must become a priority. Among all the things that one has to attend to, health must find a spot at the top of your list. There are varied illnesses and ailments are existent and all human beings are susceptible to it if we choose not to take care of ourselves. Any pain that we experience impedes work and can greatly affect or day to day activities. Aside from the outright ache that an illness causes, any pain that we experience may just be a symptom of a more serious disease. As such, constant vigilance in addressing health issues must be constant. Moreover, annual health examinations are mandatory for people who seem to think that their health status is being compromised because of their strenuous physical activities. Among the frequently experienced bodily pain is a headache. Many people suffer from it and because of the different possible nature of this illness, treating it is not always as easy as popping an analgesic in your mouth.

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The International Headache Society or IHS is a charity organization that has members from different professionals. Their thrust as a group is on the treatment of headache related disorders. With an aim to easily address headache, the IHS has created a classification system that can allow doctors and other health practitioners to identify, diagnose and treat individuals easier. The three major categories of headaches are primary, secondary and facial pain, cranial neuralgias and other headaches. These three categories encompass everything that is related to headache. To help you with your headache essay, ProfEssays.com provides you with professional custom essay writing service. Read more on the following topics: argumentative essay writing, compare and contrast essay and cause and effect essay writing assistance.

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  • Temporal arteritis

The headache experienced by an individual with temporal arteritis is throbbing and burning pain in the temple area. This must be attended by a health care practitioner immediately

  • Meningitis

This illness is characterized by the inflammation in the brain commonly caused by bacteria.

  • Sinusitis

This is a condition where an individual’s nasal sinuses swell. This can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection or an allergic reaction.

  • Brain tumor

This condition occurs when there is an abnormal growth of tissues in the skull.

  • Concussion

This brain injury is generally caused by hard blow on the head which can also result to loss of consciousness.

  • High blood pressure

Also called as hypertension, high blood pressure is a cardiovascular disease that causes blood vessels to tighten and constrict.

  • Glaucoma

This eye disease is characterized by an increasing pressure on the eyeball and gradual loss of vision

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