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Art History Thesis

Important Tips on Writing Your Art History Thesis

Writing a thesis needs you to conduct appropriate research from books, websites, and other sources in order to submit qualitative work. Thus, one of the most significant steps is to strategize your time and tasks as per the total work you have been assigned to do. Consider for instance that you have been asked to write an Art history thesis from your university or professional institution. In such a case, how would you go about doing that? First you may want to visit a few libraries, read a few important books, and note down the points you wish to include in your thesis. Next, you may want to write down a few important headings and subheadings for the paper so that the paper is organized into different sections for clarity. Subsequently, you may add extra pages for abstract and bibliography as well. Thus, overall writing a thesis in any subject requires you to follow a few steps carefully and divide your work and content accordingly.
For an Art history thesis, consider the below mentioned factors:

  1. Select a topic that pertains to your syllabus and may fetch you good marks or grades.
  2. List out a few section headings and subheadings under which you may categorize the content for clarity and conciseness.
  3. Have the notes ready for the first draft by collecting from internet and books, drafted in your own language to avoid plagiarism.
  4. Choose an appropriate citation style for your Art history thesis.
  5. Write a catchy title page for the thesis so that your professors and readers are impressed with the same.
  6. Prepare a proper list of books, Internet sources, and other sources with name of author, article title, page numbers, date of publication, or any other information as necessary.

By following the above-mentioned steps overall, you will be able to write a qualitative Art history thesis pertaining to a topic prescribed by your university or professional institution. Remember to include quotes from artists and information about the various artistic events that are being organized in your city to do with the artist that you are speaking about. For instance, if you are speaking about the painting Mona Lisa, your city may hold events and get together to celebrate this work and other works by the same artist.

By mentioning the information on the events, you may be able to evoke interest amongst readers.
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