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Youth Issues Term Paper

The years between childhood and adulthood are the period of youth when there is a physical as well as psychological change in an individual. This is also the period when a youth has to make major decisions about his career and future life. But this is also the time when many a youth makes that mistake of falling prey to unhealthy habits such as drugs, smoking, alcohol and sex resulting in diseases and hazardous living. A Youth issues term paper has to be about his education, career, activities and his social life or about issues like his unhealthy habits which will ruin his life. Give ProfEssays.com the chance to help you out by writing your Youth issues term paper, services like ours are run exclusively for the benefit of students.

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To enumerate a few youth issues

  • Problems faced in college with professors, peer pressure and work load
  • Problems at home, especially any disturbances at home if he is from a broken family.
  • Financial problems due to which he has give up education and go to work. This takes a toll on his mind set.
  • To cope with these pressures he succumbs to drugs, alcohol, smoking etc.
  • Teen pregnancy, another traumatic mishap of youth
  • Eating disorders- major concerns though many of the youth are aware of health hazard of obesity too.
  • The complexity of dating
  • Anorexia Nervosa- the pressure within self to remain slim, malnutrition
  • College drop outs- lack of interest in education or misguided plans
  • Crime and the rising incidence of student involvement
  • Sexual abuse
  • Adolescent depression

These are just a few issues listed out here but there are multiples of such issues in the youth’s life today. Youth of today have a responsibility towards their family, the society and their country. A healthy social life and outlook make a good citizen which is what a country needs for growth and development. Good education, clean habits and responsible behavior are vital to have a good life. Take up one such issue for your Youth issues term paper and then let’s see what the term paper will look like. Suppose the topic is teen pregnancy then the points to consider would be

  1. Introduction – A common occurrence and an unpleasant reality in teenage girls
  2. Main body
    • The statistics
    • The effect on social standing
    • The trauma and upheaval associated with the pregnancy
    • The health risk involved
    • The psychological stress that the teenager undergoes
    • The steps taken by the government to prevent teenage pregnancy
    • The importance of sex education
  3. Conclusion– same as the introduction. Include some suggestions like sex education and prevention.
  4. Citations– Don’t forget the citations and acknowledge the references used.

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