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Popular Culture Term Paper

Writing a Remarkable Popular Culture Term Paper

Pop culture is everywhere. Singers and movie stars are among the most influential people on this planet. Even rock music was affected by pop culture, and as a result pop-rock has appeared. They say that the day The Beatles became popular is the day when pop culture entered our lives. It came to stay with us forever. We care so much what is happening to Madonna or Justin Timberlake. At the same time the phenomenon of pop culture is being actively studied. Arts students often analyze popular culture in their essays and research papers.

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Popular culture paper sample

If you are writing about popular culture for the first time, you should definitely look for popular culture paper sample. First of all you will learn some information on possible topics for such researches. For instance, you can write about music industry, movies or fashion. Secondly, a research sample will provide you with information on paper structure and outline. Traditionally, popular culture term paper starts with an introduction of a thesis statement. You have to give your reasons for choosing a particular topic. A thesis statement should get readers interested in your term paper topic. You have to create some intrigue. Term paper sample will help you better understand the phenomenon of mass culture.

Popular culture or also known as pop culture is the preferred ideas, attitudes and phenomenon of a given culture. Despite the preference of the general public, particularly the younger generation, on these ideas – it remains to be criticized by conservative groups, especially those who are religious and elitist, by nature. Many say that ideas propagated and promoted by popular culture is very superficial, sensationalized, and only consumer oriented. At the start, pop culture was not equated to what is popular or on the mainstream. The term popular culture finds its origins in the 19th century when it originally referred to as the lower classes’ culture and education.

Trivial and generally unintelligent – this is the common perception on this type of culture before. However, there was a great shift that happed in the turn of the century as demonstrated by the varied individuals and groups who took interest in it. In fact, many businesses find themselves catering to the needs and demands of those who are following the dictates of popular culture. Popular culture originated in the United States of America, by the end of the Second World War. However, this did not remain stagnant as several countries adapted to it, having developed their own version of pop culture. Aside from the dependence of pop culture in demographics and geography, another definitive characteristic of popular culture is its reliance on the era. Since pop culture tends to alter relentlessly, each decade has created a set of ideas, phenomenon and concept that are distinctive of the inclusive period.

ProfEssays.com is a company dedicated to provide you with all your needs in custom essay paper writing. To assist you, we have provided a list of phenomenon that has been of interest to the pop culture generation. Going through the list of pop culture ideas over the decade can give you several term paper ideas on how you can write your popular culture term paper.

For your convenience, we have enlisted varied interests, concepts and ideas that took the attention of many individuals in the past few decades. ProfEssays.com provides you with these concepts to help you identify a workable term paper topic for your academic paper on popular culture for the 20th century.

1900 to 1950

  • Film

At this time, many cinemas have sprung in many cities, allowing many individuals to enjoy silent movies, which have become the springboard of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton’s career in slapstick. It was in the latter half of the 20th century when films became an essential element of entertainment in the US.

  • Music

Soundtracks of movies were also introduced in this era. Aside from this, many began to appreciate jazz music

  • Radio

The dependence of the music industry began in this era. Aside from promoting the record industry, radio enjoyed the status of being pioneers of news. Then and now, radio broadcasts was a popular venue for soap opera, commentaries, and comedy shows.

  • Reading

The increase on demand for newspapers was very remarkable in the 1930s. Aside from newspapers, magazines with pictures also proliferated – promoting the demand for photojournalism. Moreover, detective novels became popular as well.

1950 – 2000

  • Film

Different genres of film have been developed, with the unlimited creative mind of many individuals. Technology allowed for the improvement on sound and images of film. Cinemas remain as one of the most frequented places for entertainment. However, home theaters (from beta-max, to VHS, to discs) have also greatly gained the interest of many families.

  • Music

The impact of Elvis Presley’s Rock and Roll did not only influence the music industry. Truth be told, this music genre became a forceful element in influencing varied societal components. This music did not only serve to entertain – but many rock groups opted to express their political ideas through music. The flourishing music industry and its continuous development and evolution find its basis on rock and roll. Today, it is an undeniable fact that punk rock, pop alternative and its varied variations find its root on Rock and Roll.

  • Youth culture

Youth culture goes beyond identifying pop culture in the context of tri-media. Youth culture is a way of life, which indicates interest on fashion, language, and behavior. Some of the culture propagated by the youth has not always been correct – as demonstrated by the intense experimentation on drugs in the 1970s.

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Mass culture: History and Nowadays

Mass culture appeared in the second half of the 20th century. They say that we have to thank The Beatles for it. Well, maybe it is so. These guys from Liverpool started creating music that was understood by ordinary people. “Mass culture: History and Nowadays” is a great topic for a pop culture research paper. If you study history of mass culture you will be able to answer so many questions and perhaps explain phenomenon of popular culture. Indeed, it is not easy to explain popularity of pop, rock and movie stars. Late John Lennon used to say that The Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ. This controversial statement caused so many debates, but it is partially true. If you study mass culture history you can give answer to the question “Why mass culture appeared in the first place?”

Types of popular culture

There are several types of popular culture that may be studied in your term paper. The key types are of course music and movies. Who doesn’t want to be a rock or Hollywood star? Who doesn’t want to be the next Brad Pitt or Jimi Hendrix? Everyone dreams of being rich and famous, and becoming either music or movie star is the shortest way. Popular culture describes true life stories of ordinary people who managed to change their lives and become icons in music or movies world. We all know that, for example, Eminem or Ozzy Ozbourne come from poor families. By studying various types of popular culture you can study people’s life stories which can be very interesting. If you choose to write a term paper on types of popular culture you have to study theory of mass communications as well in order to understand how artists influence mass consciousness.

Term papers on cinema

What can be easier than term papers on cinema? This is what many students think. However, it is not entirely so. Indeed, cinema is a very interesting topic, but you still have to write quality analytical texts if necessary. A term paper on cinema is not about describing your favorite actor or movie. You have to conduct a thorough study of cinema history and a deep analysis of cinema ideas development. Finding relevant critique material can be also necessary, especially if you are writing about certain epoch in the history of movies.

Music term papers

Similar to term papers on cinema, music term paper cannot be considered easy to write. Indeed, there is nothing difficult in writing about your favorite performer. But what if you have to analyze a music period or a trend? What if you have to compare different styles? What if you have to write a cause and effect essay on jazz and blues? What if you have to write an essay on modern music styles? This is certainly not easy. When writing a music term paper you have to listen to dozens or even hundreds of records. You have to feel in order to write about music. If you are required to make conclusions, then write your personal attitude to various music styles and trends.

Other types of popular culture papers

Movies and music are not the only topics for term papers on pop culture. There are other types of popular culture papers. For example, you can write on modern trends in photography or modern paintings. Post modern art is so diverse, so that you can certainly find an interesting topic. Look around you. Mass culture is everywhere, even in architecture and advertising. All you have to do is just to pick an interesting topic.

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