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Anti-Slavery Term Paper: Help with Writing

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Slavery is a dark side of human history and still a concern for some parts of the world. Slavery implies trading of human beings for bonded or forced labor, child labor, and forced human trafficking. The slaves become the property of its owners and are bound to their will. As such anti-slavery organizations have been fighting for long to free the slaves from the bondage. West Africa, some parts of South America and Asia still are the victims of slavery. The anti-slavery organizations are thus active in these parts of the world. If you want anti-slavery term paper that will put you ahead of the competition, you have an opportunity to take help from ProfEssays.com.

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Slavery severely limits the person’s fundamental rights. It has been in existence since antiquity. And though it has been eliminated altogether from the developed society, it still lingers in some of the poorest countries. The world still has the victims of slavery. Read more on the following topics: art history research paper format, funny essay paper and persuasive essay topics.

And the actions of the anti-slavery organizations and the activists cannot be overlooked. Though we may be aware of the struggle for freedom and emancipation proclamation in the USA, many of us are hardly aware of the slavery position in the rest of the world, and the movements for the same. So the anti-slavery term paper international focus mainly concerns itself with the situations about anti-slavery outside America.

For your anti-slavery term paper with international focus, you can embrace the following points-

  • History of slavery- The history of slavery dates back to ancient world. The ancient civilizations, Mesopotamian, Indian, Greek, Roman all had slavery in some form. They were bonded specially for domestic services. The slavery continued into the middle ages of Roman Empire, to modern age and survived until 20th century. Slavery still exists in some part of the world, especially in the nations of African and Asian Continent.
  • The fate of the slaves- the slaves were the property of the owners. Their rights depended upon the law of the nations or the religious thoughts. For example, the slaves in ancient Greece were treated well and so is the case for Islamic slaves in middle ages. With American colonization, human trafficking flourished as a trade in modern era. Along with USA, Europe, India and Arabs were importing slaves hugely from African nations. They were largely used for domestic works and agriculture. With the passage of time, the slaves were given more and more rights.
  • The movement- the anti-slavery movements started in 1750s, though it did not take a good shape until late 17s. In 1791, Wilberforce’s bill to abolish slavery was not passed by the parliament. However, the efforts did not come to a halt there. The movements by many abolitionists continued; there were civil wars in America and England. Finally the slavery was abolished first by Denmark in 1792, by Britain in 1807 and a year later by USA. Gradually the other European, North and South American nations abolished slavery. Universal declaration of human rights by UNO in 1948 also reinforced the idea of anti-slavery.
  • The organizations- Anti Slavery International (London), American Anti-Slavery Society (USA), and many other organizations in place are there to address the anti-slavery issues still confronting the world. Their focus is on the domestic child labor, and human trafficking, and injustice to the backward sections of the society still bound to live as slaves.

Incorporating the ideas above will certainly help you frame a well written anti-slavery term paper. Do further investigation on the topic of your choice. Delve into it, consider the perspectives of the abolitionists, and listen to the voices of the anti-slavery organizations. Once you decide the topic and finish collecting the materials, put it into right structure- Introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure you to make it interesting, for which you can get ideas from the link- good ideas on how to write interesting term papers.

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