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Theology research paper: Religion issues plus research writing tips

Theology is the study of a supernatural being; ways, conduct, belief, origin, character, and power. The being usually refer to as God is believed to be the giver of life, creator of living and non-living things, worshipped by faithfuls or believers through out the world. Why theology? What is the purpose of theology? This and many other facts are discourse under the umbrella of theology research paper writing by theology students.

Theology is a very broad discipline and its practice became strong due to people growing querulous mind and wondering about creation, why things are the way they are, where exactly did human come from? Is it really through evolution according to the scientist? If yes where then did the first being that human supposedly evolved from came from? Who really is God, is he real or figment of some fanatic imagination? Did the earth and the universe really come from his powers? Who exactly is the origin of God? These and so many other questions spearheaded the birth of theology which is being presented in academic writings like the theology research paper.
Theology Research Paper
The research paper on theology features so many interesting issues some already listed but the most controversial are the issues of religion. What is religion? If there is truly one supreme God why should there be different religion? Some say that yes there is one supreme God, but the smaller deities are pathways to the Supreme Being example are deities worshipped in some African countries. What are the various religions so on and so forth. The controversies are many; in this article today few of these controversies will be spotlighted in supreme effort of teaching how to write theology research papers like the online custom writers – ProfEssays.

Theology and Religion

What are the difference between theology and religion? Theology as earlier said is the study of a supreme being, it is an academic activity not necessarily carried out by a believer, for instance anyone could undertake the study of theology not necessarily because they believe in that God under study but out of curiosity and intent to obtain answers to nagging questions, and controversies, on the other hand a believer could decide to lunge into the exercise of theology because he or she wishes to learn more about the God he/she worships, so the two case for theology education is simply that of motivation and interest. Religion can be said to be the practical part of theology, or the practice of theology, it goes beyond just learning and wanting to find out about the existence of God but for the goal of better knowledge and interest. For instance some one can study theology while he or she is before now under an established religious practice. Example a Christian studying divinity might do this for better understanding of his creator so the practice is previously present, Hindus faithful could also study divinity but as a Hindus and it is purposely to increase knowledge base. Religion is personal and the study of divinity or theology is personality detached.

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Types of religion:

Religion is personality sensitive thus different people of the same tribes, country, states, ethnicity etc could practice different religion, for instance in the United States of America been a hugely diverse country filled with different tribes, ethnicity, race, culture, people, etc is said to have the highest concentration of religion. The following are types of religion: Christianity, Muslim, Hindus, Jewish, Buddhist etc. Christian happens to be the most controversial religion amongst the lot why? Christian though one religion happens to have different religious bodies all with diverse believes they are; Catholic, protestant, Pentecostal, Mormon, Methodist, Lutheran, Anglican, and Jehovah witness etc. These are diversity in a religion. So what gives? Does the diversity in Christian religious bodies signify an existence of a different God? The answer to this could be found in the theology research paper writings.

How to write theology research paper:

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1. With the knowledge of research paper writing proceed immediately to picking interesting research paper topic
2. Next is to obtain the research paper rubrics for the paper before writing
3. State your aim of writing, what do you intend to prove in theology research paper writing? List them out, conduct a preliminary information gathering on it, compile list of research paper questions to use as guide, brainstorm on it, you will need to state it in the thesis statement of the research paper outlines writing.
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5. sharpen the skill on citation learn how to cite a research paper
6. What are the different parts of research paper? You will need this knowledge to present your write up.

Theology research paper is an interesting academic exercise that features issues about divinity, origin of man, the reason for religion controversies, etc.

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