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Make a Difference with Persuasive Research Paper Topic!

A persuasive research paper is difficult when you choose a topic for it. The idea is to persuade your reader with your paper. It is important to make sure that the topic is relevant and interesting so that the reader can enjoy reading your piece. So choose a familiar and contemporary topic that can interest your reader. On this page you will find the guidelines to choose the right topic, template and outline for persuasive research paper.

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Persuasive Research Paper Examples

Persuasive research paper examples are aplenty. We at ProfEssays.com can guide you write your paper with the help of one such example

If the topic is “Reality shows for children”

Statement –“Children fall into the trap of competition, malice, manipulation and money making at the cost of their childhood”

Main body

  • Too much pressure
  • Unhealthy competition
  • Education neglected
  • No time for play, extracurricular activities
  • Wrong influences

Conclusion – Children should be kept away from reality shows.

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Persuasive Research Paper Format

Persuasive research paper format will have

  • Introduction – Make a statement here on your topic for example “ yoga has multi-dimensional benefits”
  • The main body – explain in detail about why you think your topic and opinion about it is correct. The ancient traditional techniques of yoga, the mind and body involvement of yoga, the meditation angle, the benefits of the asana (postures), the increasing awareness about yoga so on all this has to be discussed here. You have to persuade the reader that yoga has great benefits.
  • Conclusion- reiterate the statement made in the introduction. Yoga is indeed beneficial in many ways.

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You can always quote any popular extract from a renowned work as the opening of your persuasive term paper so that the reader gets an idea of your research. You can use bold, italics and underlines to highlight the key words of your paper.

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Persuasive Research Paper Outline

A persuasive research paper outline is a rough draft around which you have to write your paper. It helps arrange the matter in a logical sequential manner. The outline will be

  1. Title- choose an eye catching title like “A big NO to cigarettes”
  2. Introduction- a statement about the topic “Cigarette smoking has to be discouraged or even banned from school level itself”
  3. Main body-
  • a. Evidence 1- damage to the lungs
  • b. Evidence 2- nicotine reaches the brain within seconds of inhaling the smoke
  • c. Evidence 3- the smoke reduces the functioning of the immune system
  1. Conclusion – reiteration of the introductory statement
    “The effects of cigarette smoking can be deadly”
  2. Bibliography- acknowledging all references

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Persuasive thesis statement

A persuasive thesis statement is a statement where you declare what you plan to claim regarding a topic.
ProfEssays.com will help you write a strong persuasive thesis statement or the whole paper. A thesis statement is

  • The first part of a paper which attempts to make an impact on the reader.
  • It is usually one sentence but should be strong expressing an opinion.
  • First get the research done, then based on your interpretation make your statement
  • It tells the reader how you will interpret the subject under discussion

For example if the thesis is about Mahatma Gandhi you have to make a strong persuasive thesis statement like “Mahatma Gandhi brought freedom to India with the help of his non-violence and peace approach”. Our writer’s expertise will provide you with a thesis statement.

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Persuasive research paper topics have to be chosen bearing in mind that it is your viewpoint that you are impressing on the reader. Be very sure that you have enough evidence and information about the topic.
ProfEssays.com proposes a few persuasive research paper topics.

  • Children participating in reality shows
  • Banning pornography on television
  • Banning commercials of cigarettes and alcohol on television
  • Plant a tree campaign
  • Violence on television and in cinema
  • Small contributions to slow down global warming
  • Pornography on internet
  • Good reading
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Hit the gymnasium
  • Yoga – benefits aplenty

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Persuasive research topics

Persuasive research is all about the writer’s ability to convince the reader about his view point. This can be done by doing appropriate accurate research on the topic so that the reader can be easily persuaded. ProfEssays.com can suggest persuasive research topics for you.
A few persuasive research topics could be

  • Abortion- an unwilling mother’s right
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Drugs abuse
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Child labor

Or you could go for lighter persuasive research topics like

  • Why do you think Gone with the wind is the most romantic movie?
  • The most liked junk food

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Persuasive research paper writing

Persuasive research paper writing is no different than any other paper but the important criterion to be fulfilled is the reader should be convinced with the authors view. The topic should handle an issue which has two views.

What’s required for good persuasive research paper writing?


  • Evidence to add to the conviction
  • Good command over English
  • Accurate grammar and punctuations
  • Formats
  • Images, graphs, photographs
  • Simple sentences
  • Citations, quotations

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