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Difference Between Research and Thesis Paper

Essay writing does not seem like a big problem when it comes to writing of research papers and theses.  Without any doubts, these are very serious types of academic writing that require quite a long time and much effort to succeed.  If an essay can be written within several hours, you might need up to several months to write a persuasive thesis or a research paper.  This is not an easy task indeed.  That’s why there are so many students who are experiencing problems with research paper and thesis writing.  This article gives some valuable pieces of advice for those who need to write theses and research papers.

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Download Free Sample of a Research Paper

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Research paper sample

If you are writing a research paper for the first time you should definitely look for research paper sample.  This is not to say that you have to copy someone else’s work.  Never think about that.  This is to say that you need an example of a research paper which you use as a guide in your own work.  For example, having a research paper sample you can learn much about research paper structure, outline, writing style, reference style, list of works cited, quotation options, format requirements etc.  Samples can be downloaded from websites of essay writing companies, just like Professays.com.  We have 7-year experience in writing of research papers and dissertations, so we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and web site visitors.  Research paper samples can save you so much time, as it is better to see how a research paper is actually written than to read tons of materials and guides.

Paper presentations are now becoming very common. In custom research papers, it is also a mandatory need to present a paper which may basically be a research or a thesis in the universities and institutions which gives PG degrees. With respect to this type of presentation, it is commonly aimed to develop the communication skills of the students to most extent. Mostly, thesis paper is aimed at only this whereas research paper can be a bit different. In almost all the universities and Educational Institutions, thesis papers are given much importance and the graduates are required to present a thesis on any subject as they wish. But, this necessarily need not be the case in the research paper. A research paper needs to base an individual subject and should explain the authors’ involvement in the subject. A research paper is written based on the progress in research carried out by the author in a specific subject.

Basic difference between research and thesis paper:

1. Subject matter: The subject matter of a research paper needs to be individual and single subject oriented or a part of the subject. It should clearly focus on what it deals about since the reader almost knows the subject matter of interest. When it comes to thesis paper, it is not necessary that you have to stick on focused to only one single point. Yet, it might sometimes be necessary.

2. Authors’ Point of view: A research paper cannot be a complete compilation. It might contain collected information but it should be a compendium of both collected matters and newly found ideas. The author is required to invest his ideas and the work process in the paper. When it comes to thesis, it necessarily need not contain new ideas of the author. It can be a compilation of what the author learned during different stages. It would be enough if it holds points that explain the experience of the author with a particular subject.

3. Proximity: Research paper is developed in a very long time and states only the observed truth. They don’t have any proximity. Whatever is concluded in a research paper should necessarily be true and obvious since the statements are written after a research. A thesis is not so. There are many philosophical theses that are theoretically correct but practically false.

These are the most important differences between a thesis and a research paper. With thesis, more amounts of theoretical facts are observed and with research paper, though with some exclusion, practical approach is taken into full consideration. When a thesis paper is mostly done in academic point of view and interpersonal skills development, with a guide, mostly a class teacher guiding the students, the research paper speaks about the observation and the findings of the author. There are also a few differences in usage of quotations. It is generally correct to write a research paper in APA format with quotations and reference to the quotations. A thesis paper may require most of this since it is a collection of references.

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Thesis sample

Writing of a thesis is very important for every student.  No wonder!  This paper shows your knowledge and things you learned during four of five years of college studies.  You have no right to make any mistakes, and in fact, no mistakes are tolerated in theses.  That’s why it is necessary to make all possible preparations before sitting down to work.  Downloading of a thesis sample is a very good idea, especially for students with little writing experience.  Just like a research paper sample, a thesis sample contains much important and helpful information on how to write a persuasive thesis.  For example, you can learn much about format, reference style, quotation options, thesis outline and structure, requirements as to format and contents etc.  Remember that thesis sample should not be used as a basis for your own work as this will be called plagiarism.

What is a research paper?

This question is quite common.  Research papers are often mixed up with other academic paper types.  So what is a research paper?  In simple words this is an extended essay that represents some evaluation of facts, arguments or opinions.  However, extended essay does not mean that a research paper looks like a huge essay.  It has own requirements as to contents and format.  Basically, a research paper should contain a deeper analysis of facts and issues.  It is impossible to fully cover the topic in a three page essay, but it is definitely possible to do so in a research paper.  If you are usually welcome to express own thoughts in an essay, in a research paper you should definitely express expert opinions.

Thesis definition

A thesis is a very serious research written by post graduate students.  This is their first step to the academic world.  Writing of a thesis is perhaps the most difficult of all types of academic writing. It usually takes several months to collect information and write a persuasive thesis.  Logically, one should start with a thesis definition in order to understand what kind of research paper it is and what requirements should be met.  Never underestimate the significance of thesis!

Differences in subject matter

A research paper and a thesis are different kinds of academic writing.  In order to write a good paper one needs to understand the difference.  It should be noted that here we’re talking about differences in subject matter mostly.  As a rule, a research paper focuses on a narrow subject and fully develops it, while a thesis is somewhat broader as it may concern a certain segment in a scientific field but not just one issue or fact.

Author’s point of view in thesis and research papers

In general, students are always welcome to express their own opinions in all types of academic writing.  However, author’s point of view in thesis and research papers can sometimes disturb integrity of the research paper.  A student can draw own conclusions but not make own suggestions as to the subject matter study.  This is not a personal essay in which professors are interested in what you think.  In case of theses professors are interested in what you know about subject matter.

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