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Suggested Topics for Your Chemistry Research Paper

Custom Written Chemistry Research Papers

Chemistry is one of the least favorite subjects of many. Because of its complexity, a number of students find this course to be difficult. One of the requirements for this course is a chemistry research paper. As the name suggests, this research paper discusses topics on chemistry. As with any kind of paper, this paper follows a research paper format. This format basically includes the title page, table of contents, outline, the paper, endnotes or footnotes and bibliography. Other optional parts are dedication page, preface and appendix. Aside from the format, another important element is an interesting research paper topic. ProfEssays.com has a few suggestions on what your research paper can be about.

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Below, ProfEssays.com enlisted a few topics for your paper.

  • Stem cell research, development and implications in medicine
  • Acid rain: its effects on human and the environment
  • Perfumes: formulation and composition
  • How medicines are formulated
  • Validity and efficacy of herbal medicines
  • How the government regulating bodies confirm and certify a new kind of drug
  • Cetirizine vs. Loratadine: a comparison between two kinds of non sedating anti-histamines
  • The evolving definitions of chemistry: an insight of famous chemists
  • How the chemical industry continues to thrive during the recession period

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