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Writing an Exceptional yet Simple Essay

Even the genius Albert Einstein recognizes the importance and value of simplicity, as he is quoted of saying, “Everything should be made as simple as possible.” One of the very frequent mishaps of students in academic writing is word usage. Most often than not, student writers attempt to impress their professors by choosing terminologies that appear professional and academic. Though this is the usual route of students when writing an essay, term paper or thesis for their class – one must be reminded that doing so is not an advisable action. Along with grammar and spelling, another important element of term paper is the choice of words or the diction employed by the student. This mistake is referred to by academics as “advanced diction”. This is the writing style where the students decide to use words and expressions that are not familiar. ProfEssays.com discourages the use of unfamiliar terms because instead of creating a comprehensive essay, you might end writing an essay that is confusing and irrelevant.

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ProfEssays.com is the expert of custom essay writing service. Just as all academics are, our professional writers advise against the use of advanced diction. You may attempt to impress your professor by being wordy. This may prove to be futile because many students who do this, only end up reaching the contradictory goal – that is, disappointing and confusing your instructor. Remember that your professor has gone through a number of academic papers in his academic career and profession, and hence – they can easily determine void sentences masked by inappropriate words.

Trying to pass a meaningless sentence or paragraph as intellectual often fails if you choose to use difficult and big words that you really do not understand. You must also keep in mind that there are many factors that must be considered when writing an academic paper. You professor’s preference, the topics and the academic course are just few of these. Regardless of the number of components of term papers that you need to abide by, one thing remains: using words you barely understand is a definite no-no. To make sure that you do not fall into the trap of becoming wordy, read through the following tips and guidelines.

  1. If you can, avoid using a thesaurus. Most students who write a term paper use dictionaries or thesaurus to steer clear of using the same word. If you are using a word that you are not initially familiar with, make sure to consult additional references to identify how that word must be used.
  2. Never use words that you do not understand fully. Even software that displays a synonym of a word cannot guarantee you of appropriate usage, at all times.
  3. If you do not understand a certain idea, do not even try to explain it. Doing so will only cause you to include a tragic part in your paper.
  4. If possible, use short sentences. Remember the adage, the simpler the better.
  5. Use short words that you are familiar with. Instead of using circumvent, use the word avoid. Instead of using demonstrate, use the word show. Always bear in mind to simplify.
  6. Use of transition words is encouraged. Examples of such words are: however, in spite of, in addition and in other words. This will help your readers to identify whether you are trying to create an opposing or similar point.
  7. Show what you know. Many instructors assign academic papers to assess whether you have learned from the classes that they have thought. Do not attempt to add ideas that you are not confident about. Based on the guide questions that your professor has provided, you can actually lift ideas from the discussions that he has made.
  8. Always remember – Keep things simple.

Needless to say, many students who would want to attain a high mark in their academic courses, often end up including words that seem unnecessary or unsuitable. Whether one is adding useless adjectives, or using big words – what one must bear in mind that your professors are professionals who has probably seen it all when it academic writing is your concern. To help you write professional, yet simple essays, why not consult the experts of ProfEssays.com.

With ProfEssays.com, you are guaranteed to receive a paper that would meet any requirement that you have set. The extensive experience of our writers is an evident fact that we really know what we are doing. We guarantee excellent service, ensuring you of prompt service at all times. Aside from this we keep you assured of unparalleled customer service as we guarantee you with round the clock customer service through our 24/7customer support team. Call us now and learn that your simple, yet professional essay can reach you within 8 hours for rates that are unbelievably low.

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