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Every one knows that smoking kills. Then, why does this become a continuous problem? Aside from alcohol and drugs, cigarette is considered a highly addictive substance. Many of those who have tried smoking made a habit out of it and could not stop it despite the numerous attempts that they have initiated. One of the more bothering aspects of this problem is the fact that it is affecting the adolescents of today, as well. Teenagers today have gained unlimited access to cigarette, and hence, developed the vice of smoking.

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This scenario shifted the whole smoking issue into a social concern, rather than just an individual health concern. Teen smoking, admit it or not, exists. The main reason why this problem has even existed is the society allowed it. With social permissiveness and negligence, there was great failure in restricting adolescents in accessing such substances. Moreover, statistics have shown that teenagers who are smokers have been exposed to family members who are smokers, as well. From this, it can be deduced that society, and more so the family, breeds teenagers who become smokers. With this information established and these facts presented, it is only natural for the society to enact on it. What makes teen smoking a more depressing thought than mere smoking is the age factor.

It is an established fact that smoking can cause several types of illnesses and diseases. The numerous health advisories provided by public and private institutions establishes the risk of an adult smoker. These risks range from mere halitosis to life threatening lung cancer. Naturally, these health risks are not only applicable to the adult group but more so with the adolescent group as they are more susceptible, when health matters are concerned.

In an attempt to impede the continuous growth of teen smokers, the government of the United States of America has made the initiative to provide health warnings on cigarette packs. As pioneers of this movement, the USA has continuously changed their standards in printing the warning to accommodate the requirements of the society.

In 1966, cigarette manufacturers were required to print Caution: Cigarette Smoking May Be Hazardous to Your Health on the carton. Fro m decade to decade, the print has changed and been modified to incorporate the details of the risks, as illustrated by health practitioners. By 2012, tobacco companies will be required to print picture warnings on their label – covering 50% of each pack. ProfEssays.com shares the other measures against smoking from all parts of the world. Read more on the following: argumentative essay writing help, essay outline template and comparative essay writing assistance.

ProfEssays.com is a company dedicated in providing help to students who need to write their teen smoking essay. We are a custom essay writing company who can assist you in different ways: from conceptualizing essay topics to research, essay writing and even editing. To initially help you, we have enlisted the world’s take on using warnings in cigarette packs. The ones listed below have been translated, for your convenience.

  • Argentina

“Smoking is detrimental to health”

  • Australia

The government requires images that show health risks of smoking, with varying texts such as “Don’t let children breathe your smoke”.

  • Brazil
  1. Images against smoking take 100% of the back of cigarette boxes.
  2. The following text is also printed on the pack, “This product contains over 4.7 thousand toxic substances, and nicotine, which causes physical or psychological addiction. There are no safe levels for the intake of these substances)
  • Spain

o Cigarette packs must have a printed warning on both sides. The text varies, some of the samples are:

  • Front: “Smoking can kill.”
  • Back: “The snuff is very addictive, do not start”
  • Hong Kong

o Aside from the images and text warnings that are anti smoking, cigarette companies must also print the amount of tar and nicotine.

  • Indonesia

o The government’s prescribed general warning is

  • “Smoking can cause cancer, heart attack, impotency and problems during pregnancy as well as affects the health of the newborn.”
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

o The warning is printed at the back of the cigarette pack in small text, which says “Smoking is harmful to health.”

It is clear that the whole world unites when health risks due to smoking are concerned. Going through the list above can help you think of an interesting research paper topic for your teen smoking essay. However, if that does not help then we can assure you that we are what you need. ProfEssays.com can provide you with a high quality custom essay paper, when academic writing is concerned.

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