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Death, in any shape or form is depressing, more so in circumstances where death is self-inflicted. To know that someone ended his life could probably be one of the most devastating news that one can hear. Suicide or the act of ending one’s life is considered as a mortal sin by the Catholic Church. This is primarily because life is considered as a God given gift. Even for agnostics and for many free thinkers, the mere thought of which seems ridiculous and unimaginable. However, despite the negative social perception towards it – cases of self inflicted death continues to rise. According to WHO or the World Health Organization, someone commits suicide every 40 seconds.

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This statistics is gathered from all parts of the world – where experts and many academics have noticed that place, gender and social status does not dictate the possibility of suicide. This fact has been established since many have succumbed to it all over the world, regardless of one’s sexual orientation and age. In fact the youngest reported case of suicide is that of 6-year old Samantha Kuberski. In Asia, Japan and South Korea are two countries that have gained international attention.

The Japanese people have always been the envy of their Asian counterparts because of the prosperity and the advancement of their country – however, it is this same progress that causes many Japanese to take their own life. The continuous rise in their country’s suicide rate is often blamed on unemployment and the social pressure that they have to undertake. What makes the suicide incidences in their country more disturbing is the general perception of the Japanese on it. They have become more tolerant on the incidences of suicide in their country while some perceive it as an action that is morally responsible.

While the Japanese are pushed by economics to cause self death, South Korea seems to paint a totally different picture. This is because suicide incidences in this country gained attention when many recognized individuals have committed it. Singers, actors, former president and other public officials, models and even Samsung heiress were those who were reported to have committed suicide. It is apparent from their respective social status that money is not the primary reason for their choice. Writing a suicide essay may seem awkward but this is an easy challenge if you ask the professionals of ProfEssays.com to do it.

Are you looking for a topic for your academic suicide essay? Then, ProfEssays.com provides you a list of random facts on this essay topic. Browse through the following tidbits of information and you may just find your unique and interesting research topic.

  • China accounts for almost 25% of world incidences on suicide.
  • More people die from suicide than homicide
  • March, April and May are the months were suicide rates are higher.
  • A college student who committed suicide overdosed on drugs while broadcasting it on the internet.
  • A man who was hesitant to kill himself honorably was encouraged by her wife by taking the dagger and stabbing herself. The wife handed back the dagger to the husband and said, “It does not hurt.”
  • The Mayans deem that committing suicide by hanging guarantees an individual with a place in afterlife.
  • In 1982, the book Suicide, mode d’ emploi was released to encourage its readers to exercise the right to die.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the most famous place in the world for committing suicide.
  • One person who committed suicide in the Golden Gate Bridge left a note, which says that if one person smiled at him, he would not continue his suicide attempt.
  • Sigmund Freud, Judas Iscariot, Adolf Hitler, Pontius Pilate, Ernest Hemmingway, Vincent van Gogh and Socrates are few famous personalities who committed suicide.
  • In the United States of America, someone attempts to kill himself every minute. Every 17 minutes, someone completes his suicide attempt.
  • In October 2000, the first known Internet Suicide pact was made in Japan.
  • Sexual hanging is a behavior where a young man ties a rope around his neck while masturbating. This arose when some observed that men who were hanged got an erection.

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