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Essay Prompts Writing Tips

Essay Prompts for High School, College and University Students

An essay prompt is meant as a starting point for writing worthwhile essays on specific topics. It is normally 3-part in structure as follows:

  1. A stimulating quotation from another book or article embodying the gist of the concept that will be the essay topic. This extract has to be simple enough to be readily understood, comprehensive enough to suggest the different facets of the subject matter yet interesting enough to inspire writers to take up the topic.
  2. The prompt itself, a brief statement, issued in the form of a class assignment, mentioning the important aspects and essential details that the article should deal on and possibly indicating the type of essay to be used. This section defines the scope and presentation of the work and will be crucial in establishing the quality of the article.Order Custom Essays
  3. The third section, often incorporated in paragraph form, to the previous one is a list of considerations to be used in determining the best mood and tone for the article.

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The following are the important characteristics of a good essay prompt:

  1. It should pin down the key points for a thorough treatment of the essay topic from the cardinal concept on top followed by and down to the subordinate ideas linked in appropriate order.
  2. It should imply, by the placement of its sentences, a logical sequence in which to arrange concepts for a clear exposition of the subject matter.
  3. The types of essay best suited for the treatise subject should be hinted at if not mentioned explicitly.
  4. It should remind the writer of points of style that should accommodate the type of audience, situation and culture to be addressed if any.

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