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Essay on Gun Control, Just How Safe are Guns

Custom Written Essays on Gun Control

A personal essay on gun control tackles the issue of using fear to deter criminality. The writer has to have some idea of the psychology of the criminal mind and establish his insights based on documented psychological evidence. Citing criminality statistics both for societies with guns and gun-less societies and using compare and contrast techniques to draw conclusions from the data is one excellent way of going about this dissertation. However, there are many other angles from which one may develop an essay on gun control. Of course, unfamiliarity with the topic is a hindrance for writing analysis essays or compare and contrast essays. People who are unfamiliar with guns should recruit competent writers who know about the use of guns to supplement their thoughts and put them in writing. At ProfEssays.com, you will find expert writers in every field of knowledge, who are dedicated to producing top quality literary papers for students and businessmen.

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You will see their work standards from the articles available for browsing at their web site. Whatever the type of essay and format and whether it is in APA format or MLA format, you will see that a high measure of excellence characterizes all their custom essays. If you like, you can ask them to compose your essay of gun control for you. Give them your insights and they will develop a highly commendable and completely original paper, using these insights and based on your preferences. At ProfEssays.com,your deadlines will be anticipated; delivery can be done in 8 hours or less for emergencies.

The following are some types of guns you should know of when writing a personal essay on gun control (courtesy of ProfEssays.com):

  1. Long guns – A long gun has a longer barrel than other types of guns. Long-barreled small guns are propped against the shoulder when fired. For larger weapons.
  2. Rifles – Rifles are designed to rest against the shoulder when fired. In this sense, the long-barreled small gun is a mini-rifle.
  3. Handguns – As denoted by the name, a handgun is fired by one or optionally two hands. The auxiliary hand holds the wrist of the firing hand for steady aim.
  4. Artillery guns – These guns, besides firing conventional bullets, can also release large artillery and projectiles.
  5. Tank gun – This is the principal weapon of tanks. They are capable of firing kinetic energy missiles, anti-tank artillery and even guided missiles.
  6. Elephant gun – This is a wide calibered, long barreled weapon that takes its name from its original use in hunting large animals. Caliber is the diameter of the gun’s barrel.
  7. Shotgun – Variously aliased ‘Peppergun’, ‘Scattergun’ or ‘Fowling piece’, this is another gun with a large caliber and long barrel. It discharges many small pellets in one shot.
  8. Express rifle – So called because of the speed of its trajectiles, it makes use of plenty of black explosive powder to fire light, often hollow-pointed bullets.

The above listing is only a part of the complete list. You can see how difficult it would be for a writer with no knowledge about guns to write an essay on gun control. You can, however, commission an essay on gun control from ProfEssays.com. This can be as much for your own enlightenment as for your school or work requirements. Don’t be afraid that the custom dissertation or essay will backfire on you. All the products of ProfEssays.com are masterfully done, conscientiously adjusted to your stipulations, irreproachably original and cost very little. Deadlines are always anticipated and an essay on gun control or any other interesting research paper topic can be done within 8 hours for urgencies. Your personal data remains your secret.

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