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Custom Essays on History

We Know How to Write Essays on History

A custom essay on History is a piece of written work that is dedicated to analyzing some particular issue or question (History QAA Benchmark). In order to write it, a student should have a clear understanding of the chosen topic, the ability to perform a research work (gather and process scientific data and information), the competence to correlate different historical facts and evidences to produce reasonable judgments and the skill to express oneself in writing in a clear and comprehensive way. Time is very important factor in writing any essay, so you must be able to organize yourself in such a way, so that to divide your time in particular portions for every question in your written paper.

The whole process of writing a custom essay on history should include several stages. The first one is finding a question or a topic. On this step it is very important to choose the issue you are interested in, but not the one you assume will be easier to write on. You should be thorough in this aspect and make sure you completely understand the chosen question. Also some reading to explore a topic deeper may help. After this you can go back to the questions that are raised in your topic and see how your understanding has been changed or enriched. The most widespread topics for historical essays may be divided into several categories (College Essays: History Research Paper Topics, 2008):

Personalities. Written pieces on this theme may include various facts from lives of different politicians or other famous personalities, who have made a great contribution in history of their countries or of the whole world.

Events. In the second type of historical essay topics, different social and political movements and activities may be discussed. All depends on what you choose according to your own personal preferences. This gives a student the opportunity to express one’s own attitude to a particular event, such as civil war or other social activities.

Dates. These written papers are less popular since they include deep chronological knowledge of historical events and require correlation of big amount of evidence which have happened in particular time.

Analysis. To this category belong essays that involve analytical skills and ability to form your own judgments and opinions on discussed historical events. The second stage includes a lot of reading of relevant texts on the chosen topic and taking notes. It’s important to separate your own judgments from direct quotes. Don’t forget to use references to sources, from which you cited information, and avoid any form of plagiarism. All citations must be put in quotations marks and corresponding source (book, journal, Internet etc.) must be indicated. There is also different helpful software available on market, which can assist you in organizing your notes. As a recommendation, it’s better to start from reading some basic information on the issue (lectures, text-books) and then go further by investigating scholarly works (specific books and articles) (History QAA Benchmark).

Then there is the stage, where a student should move to a planning of one’s own history essay. As every written paper, it must include three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. In the beginning you should present the thesis, outline the main terms and aspects of the topic. Some students find it better to write the introduction after the body and concluding paragraph are written. The main body consists of the facts, which you use to prove your opinion and develop your thoughts and arguments. In the main part you can use chronological, thematic, geographical or any other approach for organizing your material (Becker, 1997). Each paragraph should be dedicated to a particular idea and support the main argument.

You can also describe some alternative points of view and use some critical judgments. While writing the essay on History, it’s important to analyze the evidences, that is, not to explain what happened, but try to provide the reasons why it happened (Becker, 1997). A student should also always keep in mind that the task is not to find a “correct” answer, but to use all material and gathered facts in order to prove one’s thesis. In the final part, the main point of view (thesis) expressed in your introduction should be restated. You can offer your judgments to the questions raised in the essay. The conclusion can also be used to describe your own explanations, assessment and argument in relation to material you have studied.

The final stage of custom essay writing includes reading over the essay on history, checking spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Make sure that your train of thought is logical and paragraphs do not contradict each other and have smooth transition between them.

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