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Lesson 7: Adverbs

In this section, we will take an in-depth look at adverbs and how they’re used in a sentence.


  • To define adverbs
  • To identify how adverbs are used
  • To provide examples of how adverbs are used in a sentence


An adverb is a word in the English language used to modify or describe a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

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In the definition discussed above, we discussed that there are three ways in which we can use an adverb: to describe a verb, to describe an adjective and to describe another adverb. In this portion of the lesson, we’ll discuss examples of how these three instances occur within a sentence.

When used to describe a verb, the adverb modifies or tells us more about the verb. It acts the way that an adjective acts in relation to a noun.

For example:

The man was running fast.

The engine was wailing loudly.

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When used to describe an adjective, the adverb enhances the adjective’s modification of the noun.

For example:

The news was very surprising!

Nature is always amazing.

Lastly, when used to describe other adverbs, an adverb simply enhances the definition already stated.

For example:

These days, I’ve been playing the piano less frequently.

It’s raining very hard.

In all three cases, adverbs help enhance our sentences. Unlike adjectives, they don’t just describe people, places, events or things—and unlike verbs, they don’t just tell us what is happening to places, things or events or what people are doing. Adverbs are interesting because they tell us how things are done or to what degree something is happening.

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In this section, we were able to discuss adverbs and the different ways that they’re used. We were able to talk about their importance in the English language and how they help make our sentences more informative. Furthermore, we looked at different examples which illustrate how adverbs are used in a sentence. This will help make our learning much easier as we move on in our lessons.

Up next we’re going to talk about the different Tenses. How do you write or talk about something which happened yesterday? How about something which happened a few minutes ago? We’ll be discussing how to decide which tense to use and how the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in a sentence adjust accordingly.





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