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What is a thesis statement?
This is the foremost question that will come to your mind when you will be asked to write an essay with a quality thesis statement. Thesis statement is the most essential thing in writing a good assignment. Even when we read an essay or a term paper we all look for one line or two that would introduce the arguments that will follow in the work.

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Therefore it is very essential to write a good thesis statement at the onset of your essay to make it clear to the readers what you are going to write further in your essay. Your thesis statement will serve many purposes t one go it will present your ideas in a precise form. It will help to develop you ideas in an organized form. It will help your readers as a guide to your work.

Essentials of good thesis statement

  • Your thesis statement should be unique it should not be copied from any source.
  • It should be clear and impressive.
  • Remember you are writing a thesis statement and not a definition so don’t elaborate the topic instead write what you want to present in your essay.
  • No need to use fancy words just use simple language to make your point clear to the reader.
  • Your thesis statement should not be generalized for example this essay is about use of computers instead write the use of computers in various spheres have made or work easy and faster. Then it will follow where the computers are used and how they have made our work faster and easy and have revolutionized the society.
  • Avoid use of local jargons
  • The thesis statement should not be very technical until and unless you are writing a technical essay. A technical statement will not be able to bind the readers to your work.

Where to place the thesis statement
The thesis statement generally comes at the end of the introductory paragraph. First you write the introduction of your topic then at its end give one or two line to state the thesis statement.

How to develop thesis statement when the topic is given.

When you are assigned a research paper topic then think what your teacher is expecting you to write. Then brainstorm about the given topic. Ask yourself various questions, the answer to these questions will help you to write a good thesis statement. For example your teacher has asked you to write an essay on the benefits of using public transport then ask yourself what are the benefits of public transport.

The answer to this question is likely to serve as your thesis statement. The answer to this question can be like this use of public transport has many benefits. This answer can serve as your thesis statement. The answer to the question that you have formed regarding the topic should essentially be in one or two lines otherwise it will become two long for the thesis statement. You can also develop a slogan to highlight your thesis statement.

How to develop thesis statement when topic is not given
When you are not given the topic the first thing that you need to do is to look for an interesting topic that you care for. Never choose a topic that doesn’t interest you because you will never be able to write a good paper on such a topic. So opt for an easy and appealing topic. Then work out on various options that exist in your topic. This information migh be useful as well: propsal essay topics, art history paper format and funny essay writing ideas.

Brain storming the topic
Ask many questions about the topic think of the things you want to write in your essay. The answer to these questions can serve as your thesis statement. In fact it is easier to develop a thesis statement when the topic is not given as you are free to choose the subject which you can easily justify.

Strong thesis statement
A strong thesis statement will definitely help you to write a good paper and will for sure develop the curiosity of the readers towards your topic. A strong thesis statement is about one clear idea it never mixes two topics, it is clear and eye catchy. It makes the reader to further read you work and helps you to get a positive response from the very beginning. But a weak thesis statement can wash all your efforts as it will result in withdrawal of reader’s interest. So it is very essential that when you write a thesis statement it need to be strong and impressive.

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