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John Hope Franklin term paper

Professor, scholar, historian and author John Hope Franklin was one of the greatest historians and social activists of the United States to have been bestowed with the nation’s highest civilian honor in 1995 – the Presidential Medal of Freedom. A John Hope Franklin term paper should give a detailed account of the life, achievements, contributions and works of John Hope Franklin.
Assignments of such genre are like writing a narrative essay containing a detailed illustration of the chronology of event and occurrences in the life of the person in discussion.

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Some of the basic steps followed by our experts to write John Hope Franklin term paper and other related assignments comprise of:
► Family background of John Hope Franklin
The term paper / essay introduction should most essentially consist of the basic details about the person being discussed to as to disseminate basic information to the readers regarding the subject. Some of the vital information one could present and illustrate upon comprise of:
• The birth of John Hope Franklin in Rentiesville, Oklahoma on 2nd January, 1915
• Basic information on the parents Buck Colbert and Mollie Parker
• Details about Aurelia E. Whittington, the wife of John Hope Franklin
• Information on John Whittington the only son of John Hope Franklin.

► Educational background and qualifications
The most important element of a term paper of this sort is giving a detailed account of the qualifications and the academic achievements of the person in discussion. With regard to John Hope Franklin writers ought to delve into his educational background and give details of:
• His schooling from Booker T. Washington High School , Oklahoma
• Graduation from Fisk University
• Completion of M.A & PhD in history from Harvard

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► Works and contributions of John Hope Franklin
John Hope Franklin is one of the most famed and reputed social activists the United States of America has seen. A good research paper on such a topic ought to contain every intricate detail on the inputs; involvement and works of John Hope Franklin, some of these prominent contributions and achievements include that of:
• Franklin’s contribution at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
• John Hope Franklin’s famous work of “From Slavery to Freedom”
• Appointment as president of Phi Beta Kappa
• John Franklin backing Barack Obama’s candidature as U.S President in 2008.

► Achievements and rewards received
The works and contributions of John Hope Franklin attained him numerous rewards and honors which most essentially should be highlighted in a term paper in the pertaining subject. However, some of the key achievements and the reasons behind then that writers ought to illustrate upon comprise of:
• The achievement of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
• Attaining a listing in the 100 Greatest African Americans in 2002.
• Winning the John W. Kluge Prize in the Human Sciences in 2006.

► Interesting facts about the person
Though an assignment of this genre is based on factual information and details on the life of a person, writers should look at conducting a detailed research and compiling data to come up with interesting term paper ideas for the assignment. Such efforts taken by the writer represent the capability and understanding of the writer on the pertaining subject.

► Demise of John Hope Franklin
John Hope Franklin died at the age of 94 after a prolonged illness on 25th March, 2009 at the Duke Hospital in Durham. In these types of essays and research assignments it is important to give a cohesive account of the illness and reasons which led to the demise of the person.

► Term paper conclusion
A John Hope Franklin term paper should we well thought and crafted in a manner to sum up all the significant points discussed during the course of the paper. However, writers need to ensure that there is not jargon or repetitiveness contained in the conclusion of the term paper.

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