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Exercise for Lesson 9: Sophistication

Instructions: The only way to attain sophistication in our work is through practice. In this exercise we’ll be writing short paragraphs based on different descriptions. Try to write them as seamlessly and directly as possible. After the exercise, an example will be provided to help you better understand how to go about answering the exercise.

1. Write a few short paragraphs about the best haircut that you’ve ever had. Discuss where you had your haircut done, why you liked it so much and how it was different from other haircuts that you’d had beforehand. Furthermore, write about why you decided to get a haircut and whether or not the outcome was intentional or accidental—if the latter applies, write about who your style inspirations were for the haircut.

2. Write a few short paragraphs about your greatest fear. Write what it is about this situation or object that terrifies you the most. Next, write about a few experiences you’ve had which involved this situation or object. Finally, list down different measures you take to be able to live through this in your everyday life.

3. Write a few short paragraphs on your life’s dream—what is your ideal? What do you hope to achieve in the future? List down why this ideal appeals to you and finally, discuss the different things that you intend to do to make your dream a reality.


Below is an example to help illustrate how you can go about answering this exercise:

Write a short paragraph which discusses what you miss about being a child. Make sure to discuss why you miss this thing, experience, person or situation and why. Next, write about how this affects you in the present.

The thing that I miss most about being a child has to be afternoon naps. I have very vivid memories of being around five or six, lying down with my eyes half-closed, half-reading a Nancy Drew mystery. I remember hugging a pillow and turning on my side, reading the same line over and over again. Some Saturdays, I lay down and I can feel that familiar tugging at my eyelids, the familiar resistance—the stay awake instinct—and it’s like I’m a six-year-old again. I remember the sun coming in through the window behind me, casting a puddle of light on the floor. I remember the fan blowing on my feet, skimming the top of my arm, my shoulder before leaning into the groove of my neck and ruffling my hair as I drifted off into a sleep that was filled with dreams of popsicles, yo-yos and shaved ice on a hot summer afternoon.




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