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Exercise for Lesson 6: Dialogue

Instructions: In this exercise, we’ll be practicing how to write believable dialogue between two people. Below are different descriptions of characters and their relationships with each other. Based on these descriptions, write down a brief conversation between them. At the end of the exercise, an example is provided to help you better understand how to carry out these instructions.

  1. A mother and daughter meeting for the first time after 10 years.
  2. Jenny, a ten-year-old girl and her best friend Lea, talking about being in different classes for the coming school year.
  3. Jack and Sally, conjoined twins who were stuck together back-to-back and have recently been separated at age 15 as they see each other face-to-face for the first time.

Below is an example to help you better understand how to answer this exercise:

A conversation between two friends who have been separated for more than 20 years and who meet by running into one another at the local grocery store in a foreign country.

“Hey, stranger.”



“Oh my goodness! It’s been decades!”

“This is crazy! What brings you here? Of all places—“

“I know! I was wondering if that was really you!”

“What gave me away?”

“What else? That haircut! And the canned tuna!”

“I suppose some things never change.”



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