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Exercise for Lesson 4: Points of Views

Instructions: In this exercise, we’ll be practicing the things we learned in our lesson. Listed below are the different points of view that we studied and some of the common situations which we cited. For each number, follow the descriptions and write paragraphs accordingly. At the end of this exercise, an example is provided to help you best understand how to carry out the exercise.

1. Write a short paragraph in first person; it should be a personal anecdote describing your dream breakfast—what food would you eat? Where would it take place? Who would you be with?

2. Write a short paragraph in second person. It should be a brief advertisement talking about a small catering service that specializes in artisan pastries and caters to events which are in groups of 30-50. They also accept custom orders and provide free delivery. They can be contacted through e-mail at artsweets@gmail.com

3. Write a short paragraph in third person. It should be part of a hypothetical report documenting a short meeting between the Art Department and the Finance Department of a magazine, during which Mr. X and Ms. Z came to a settlement about the budget for the magazine’s upcoming issue.

Below is an example to supplement your understanding of the instructions:

Write a short paragraph in first person. It should be a personal ad looking for an assistant—suppose that you are an artist running a gallery by yourself and you need someone to help you with tasks such as handling logistics (scheduling shipments, helping with the hanging of the art work), answering the phone and setting dates for art shows.

I run the Diptych Gallery on 4th street. I’m looking for an assistant—someone who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about art (no formal training needed) but who is also stringent with organization and who can operate on a day schedule. Job description includes taking calls, organizing deliveries, helping with the hanging and arrangement of the pieces and scheduling events. Background in basic computer technology and social media platforms (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Facebook, Twitter) needed. Applicant is preferably aged 23 to 38 and easy to get along with. E-mail all resumes to info@diptychgallery.com .



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