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Exercise for Lesson 10: Proofreading

Instructions: In our lesson, we read that it was most difficult to proofread work that you’ve read before due to your familiarity with the work. The only way for this to get easier is to practice. Listed below are different paragraphs that you’ve encountered throughout our exercises. There are a couple of errors inserted into the text. Read through these paragraphs and list down the errors to the best of your abilities. There are five (5) errors per paragraph.

  1. Make sure that your work is easy to follow and that its well organized. This makes it easier for you’re reader to absorb what youve written and to understand the point your trying to get across. Make sure that you follow the tips we previously discused about curation—all unnecessary information should be removed or altered so that it fits into your work seamlessly.
  2. I run the Diptych Gallery on 4th street. Im looking for an assistant—somone who is knowledgable and enthusiastic about art (no formal training needed) but who is also strignent with organization and who can operate on a day schedule. Job description includes taking calls organizing deliveries, helping with the hanging and arrangement of the pieces and scheduling events. Background in basic computer technology and social media platforms (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Facebook, Twitter) needed. Applicant is preferably aged 23 to 38 and easy to get along with. E-mail all resumes to info@diptychgallery.com .
  3. There are two main ways in which our client listen to music: by using earphones or by blasting thier tunes on loud speakers. Both of these experiences have the same goal but there are nuances to each of them that the other doesnt have. These are also addresed by our two current main products. Below, we’ll outline a comparison of these experiencs in the hopes of improving our customers’ experience through developing better products.


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