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Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Bearing a child, in most cases, is considered a blessing. However, conceiving is oftentimes not welcomed when it is not expected. One of the more common examples of unwanted pregnancy is teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy, per se, affects not only the mother and child. Teen pregnancy is a concern that is not limited within the family, but a problem that plagues the society. Many adolescents who are usually in high school find themselves intrigued by the idea of sex and as such, have a constant desire to experiment with it.
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Because of their lack of knowledge on consequences, or the thought that they are not vulnerable to pregnancy – many teenagers forego contraception. With unprotected sex, it is very common for many teenaged females to become pregnant. Pregnancy, unless experienced first hand, is always under rated by teeners. They seem to perceive it as a momentary responsibility that they can withhold or disregard, if they want to. This perception on pregnancy allows them to be lax in practicing safe sex measures and as an effect, do it without any protection.

Naturally, this lack in protection results to pregnancy, at the least. In worse cases, many teenage pregnancies can also result to health risks. Several studies have been conducted in identifying the additional risk teenage mothers get, as compared to their mature counterparts. Many of the risk identified are health related, as their bodies are as not prepared as a mid-twenties mother is.

But more than health issues, teenagers become more affected by the social stigma that they receive. Their morale and their confidence are the very first thing that gets blown up, more than their bodies. This is because pregnant teenagers generally receive discrimination. Because of the general discrimination on such teenagers, many of them often opt to become dropouts, escalating their concerns beyond physical and social distress.

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  • The real tragedy in teenage pregnancy is that most female teenagers always seem to think that it can never happen to them. This mentality leads at least 750 thousand teens between 15 and 19 to become pregnant every year.
  • In the figure above, only 18% of them are planned.
  • In the United States of America, 11% of the pregnancies are from teenaged mothers.
  • In the age group of 15 to 19 years old, more black teenagers get pregnant. While they take 13.4%, white teenagers only account for 4.8%.
  • Teenage pregnancy in the United States of America has a higher rate that most developed countries.
  • The highest teenage pregnancy in US is in 1990, but has declined from 1991 to 2005. However, recent statistics show that teenage pregnancy rates are increasing.
  • Teenage mothers will most likely not pursue college education. Only 30% of teenage mothers earn a diploma in high school while only 1.5% earn a college degree.
  • Teenage pregnancy has a ripple effect. Many teenage mothers bear daughters who has a higher tendency of becoming a teenage mother themselves while their sons has a higher tendency of going to prison.

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