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Teen Dropouts Essay Writing Help

Do not feel intimidated by the act of writing an essay. Imagine the essay as a chance to cultivate your ideas and beliefs on a certain subject and connect them to concepts that were presented during your academic course. A typical essay will require you to introduce a stance or argument in the form of a thesis statement. Afterwards, you can use the bulk of the essay to defend your position through evidence and reasoning.

While tertiary essays are similar to the standard essays in secondary school, you may need to adhere to stricter citation methods and analyze your subject with more depth.

The following information will provide tips and strategies for approaching your essay – whether you are in the planning, writing or editing phase.

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How to Write a Teen Dropouts Essay

After receiving an essay assignment, students may be tempted to immediately turn to the library for extensive research opportunities. It is true that the library offers beneficial resources and an atmosphere conducive to writing; however, these students are skipping a crucial step in the essay writing process. Before conducting research and gathering a confusing mountain of notes, you should carefully examine the writing prompt to ensure the production of a coherent, concise and complete essay.

Such an approach forces you to determine the potential shape of your piece. It also helps you narrow down the details of you research. So, before you progress to the research stage, take the time to employ the following strategies:

•    Restate the writing prompt using your own words. This should be an easy task if you fully understand the assignment. Be careful not to alter the actual meaning of the prompt.
•    Take note of key words, phrases and concepts on the writing prompt. These include specific action words, such as “compare,” “contrast,” “analyze” and “review.” This will ensure that you fully adhere to the instructor’s directions.
•    Link any key concepts on the prompt with key concepts that were introduced during the course. Class notes will aid you with this step.
•    Consider popular debates that surround the given topic. Choose one that interests you the most. Some of these arguments may have been referenced during the course, so examine your class notes again. You can also ask your instructor for suggested reading material in order to explore additional debates.
•    Write your initial stance on the debate. This stance need not be permanent, especially after you have collected and examined research material.
•    Create notes based on aspects of the subject that you need to research. You will not only need to find supporting evidence, you will also need to research information on counter-arguments.
•    Establish a potential outline for your paper. The outline is likely to change as you spend time researching.

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Teen Dropouts Essay Writing Steps

Every writer is armed with a unique style and trudges through the writing process in his or her own way. However, expert writers tend to follow the same general approach. The following writing steps will outline a common strategy that will smoothly guide you through the process. Refer to each step and the corresponding details as you write.

1) Examine the prompt
Rewrite the prompt to ensure a thorough understanding
Take note of key words
Consider possible ways to structure the essay
2) Generate ideas
Review your class notes for concepts related to your essay
Consider preexisting arguments surrounding the subject
Take a stance on the subject
3) Begin the research process
Locate relevant material using the Internet or a library
Record important passages that may serve as examples and evidence in your paper
Write down reference information for use in your bibliography
4) Draft the essay outline
Develop your argument and draft a thesis statement
Write down corresponding evidence or main points to support your thesis
Arrange the information into a general outline
5) Return to research
If necessary, conduct more extensive research on your subject, argument or evidence
6)Being writing
Rather than starting with your introduction, consider starting with the body of your essay; this can yield a more concise and focused introduction
Present your evidence in a logical manner and link each section together with a smooth transition
Create additional drafts of your paper if necessary
Edit your work for grammatical and spelling errors
Ask a peer to proofread your work if you feel more editing is necessary

You may feel the need to alter this essay plan depending on the directions of your instructor.

Elaborated plan for a Teen Dropouts Essay

In some cases, students fail to elaborate on the details of their essays. This is often due to lack of evidence or an insufficient examination of the gathered facts. To avoid problems with elaboration, structure your body paragraphs with a topic sentence, evidence and then an analysis.

Here is an exercise that can help you with elaboration:

Record any facts that support the main idea of your overall essay. Leave several blank lines between each supportive fact.

For example:
Personal problems tend to lead students away from classrooms more than any other factors.

Beneath each main fact, elaborate using examples or explanations derived from research material or notes from class.

For example:
When combined with the stress of maintaining acceptable grades in class, issues such as parental responsibilities can overwhelm a high school student.

Rely on additional information to add bulk to your paragraphs. This information should build upon the topic statement in some way. You can even use direct quotations or documented statistics to make your case.

For example:
Roughly half of dropout students have children to attend to at home or are expecting a newborn.

After adding in a little more material for bulk, a paragraph like this one can serve as the first piece of  supporting information in the body of your essay. Continue drafting paragraphs in this fashion until you have fully developed the body. The length of the body depends on the depth of the subject and the requirements of the assignment. Afterwards, you can proceed to writing your essay introduction and conclusion.

Introduction and Conclusion for a Teen Dropouts Essay

In addition to supplying the basic idea behind the essay, the introduction serves as an opportunity to captivate your readers and lure them into the subject matter. While employing a clear and concise writing style, aim to describe the subject, explain the debate and declare your argument or stance on the issue. At the end of your introduction, you should also attempt to include an overview of the supporting evidence that will appear in the body of the essay; however, you need not go into lengthy detail concerning these supporting facts.

Overall, a well-crafted introduction will include:

An introduction to the topic
Definitions that may aid readers who are unfamiliar with the topic of discussion
Your argument or stance in the form of a thesis statement
An overview of the material that the essay will cover in logical order

When it is time to a draft your essay conclusion, you must unite the arguments and main ideas that appeared in the body of the text. You can also choose to elaborate on the points you made or make a case for the importance of the subject, prompting the reader to maintain an interest. The following traits are common to most conclusions:

Review of the essay’s thesis statement
Review of the essay’s main points
Statement that relates the significance of the topic or highlights its relationship to the reader’s life
Exclusion of new material

How to Format a Teen Dropouts Essay

A strong essay will incorporate concepts from outside sources. Sometimes those borrowed ideas may come in the form of statistics or quotes. Regardless of their form, you must credit the original source using in-text citations and a bibliography page.

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is used when the subject relates to humanities and liberal arts, such as literature or philosophy. In-text citations require the author’s last name and page number of the information, set in parenthesis.

On a reference page, an MLA format entry looks like this:
Gaiman, Neil. Anansi Boys. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2005. Print.

APA (American Psychology Association) style is used for citing sources in essays that deal with a social science course, such as psychology. In-text citations for an APA essay format require the author’s last name and the year the source was published in parenthesis.

On a reference page, this is the form of an APA format entry:
Gaiman, N. (2005). Anansi boys. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

Harvard format is employed at certain universities. The in-text citations require the author’s last name, year of publication and page numbers in parenthesis.

Here is an example of the Harvard style used in a reference list:
Gaiman, N., 2005. Anansi boys. New York: HarperCollins.

Under certain conditions, these basic citation formats will change. For example, if a work has multiple authors or numerous editions, you will need to alter the form of the citation. In addition, the citations may also vary depending on the medium of the source. For example, a citation for a video source or Internet source may vary from that of a printed source.

Teen Dropouts Essay Example

Consider the following essay example:

While the number of cases seems to be declining, all across America, high schools continue to face problems concerning student dropout rates. Despite the numerous opportunities that a high school diploma can present, millions of students are dropping out of high school , thus limiting their potential paths to successful futures. In most cases, dropout students tend to vanish from classrooms before they reach tenth grade. The main driving forces behind dropouts include instability at home, unpleasant school experiences, personal problems and a rebellious outlook on life.

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