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Miscegenation means reproduction of off- springs by a couple of two different races. In other words, it means the physical relationship between two persons resulting into birth of a baby. Writing a Miscegenation essay requires you to give proper attention to the history, the issues and your right stand on the issues. The harder the effort you put, the better the essay. You are judged on the ground of your ability to analyze the topic from all side.

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Miscegenation is a terminology that has been in use for more than a century. The term was mainly used in a negative tone to denote a bad practice. While most of the countries were indifferent to the relationship of two different races, the U.S.A, Germany and South Africa were some of the countries to go to the extent of considering it as a crime. However with the social upheavals post 1950s there were no options with the government but to deem it legal. Nevertheless, society took time to accept the practice. Better late than never! Miscegenation essay might have some issues that are sensitive to some of the social section, thus you should give proper care not to hurt anybody’s sentiment.

As a commitment to helping the students with their writings we have compiled some topic ideas for you to deal with the essay.

  • Does it destroy the races? What is your take on the statement? Miscegenation means the birth of a child that does not belong to either of the race of the parent, so this means the death of the original race of the parent. Do you think it holds much meaning to the real life situation?
  • The cultural pressure – the culture and the social norms pressurizes on protecting and respecting one’s race. The society and the respective culture thus take miscegenation as something that is not conducive to the society.
  • The history – Miscegenation has been in practice for long time in the history. However the laws against miscegenation were put into effect by South Africa in 1949 until 1985, Germany in 1935 until 1945 and U.S.A until 1967.
  • The current perception – with the increased mobility, education and progressive mind frame of the society, interracial relationship are increasingly considered ‘normal’. Though still abhorred by some of the sects of the society, there is no strong ground for them to be significant enough to create an impact.
  • Other ideas – what about the genetic variation brought about by miscegenation? You can also deal with the demography of those who do not belong to any one race. How about interviewing those in interracial relationships or those born from parents of two races?

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