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Jonesboro massacre is one of the most shocking incident involving children. Two kids of age 11 and 13 killed four minor girls and a teacher by shooting. Nine other were wounded including a teacher. This event created a huge fury across the country. The boys were sentenced to confinement until the age of 21. Talking about such a dark event with painful details requires a good deal of effort from your side. Writing Jonesboro massacre essay demands you to aware of what possibly could be the cause, the consequences, and the effects of the event. No matter how difficult the topic is, ProfEssays.com can complete it for you with brilliance that will charm the readers.

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Jonesboro massacre is a reflection of the society we live in. Though there were many such killings in schools, the gravity of the massacre cannot be over exaggerated. The children are angels; they are shaped by the society to be devils. How can kids of 11 and 13 get such outrageous? They did not do the killings just as a game play but were fed by the environment. No matter what is the cause, the consequences of the same in the victims and the society are unrighteous. Is punishment enough to curb down such incident or concerted effort of the society and the government are needed, need to be tackled. These are the issues that need to be given due attention while dealing with such issues.

The following are some of the points that you can incorporate for your Jonesboro massacre essay:

  • The kids and the background – those involved in the gruesome incident were kids, Andrew Golden, 11, and Mitchell Johnson, 13. Apparently, both of them were obedient kids in school. Andrew learnt to use gun when he was 6, and shot his first duck when 10, while Mitchell used to sing in his local church choir.
  • The psychology – the psychology of the kids is interesting to understand. The massacre was a product of a deliberate plan, a broken heart of being jilted by a girlfriend, an apparent intention to run away after the killings. The kids also had boasted became a part of a gang.
  • The culprit – you can also focus on what you think is the culprit of the massacre. Is it the sloppy law, the society they grew up or the children themselves that should be blamed? Whatever you think is the reason, base it with strong logic and events that you can connect.
  • The event and the effect – Four girls and a teacher killed, 9 other students and a teacher wounded. And though the physical wound may heal, the psychological effect to the victims and the victim’s family may remain as an imprint not to be washed as easily. This certainly has changed the way the affected kids who saw the massacre make sense of the world around them.

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