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John Hope Franklin Essay Writing Help

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John Hope Franklin is a historical figure. He was James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of History, Professor of Legal History in the Law School at Duke University and in many other universities. He always was a person of great American Dream. The slavery and freedom was always a matter of big concern for him. Till the last days of his life he was an activist of racial equality. Exploring the life of such a charismatic personality is not an easy job. You need to be able to appreciate the grandeur of his impressive works, and his writings. If you are struggling to complete John Hope Franklin essay, you can rely on the writers of ProfEssays.com. ProfEssays.com has the capacity to write an impressive custom essay for you.

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The following points can give you some idea on the focus for your John Hope Franklin essay.

  • The early life – he was born in the time when equality and freedom and the black community were at two different side of the river. Though freedom was in the legal terms, reality was different altogether. He got undergraduate degree from Fisk University. He got P.H.D from Harvard and then taught in Howard, Chicago, Duke and other universities.
  • Literary works – The literary works of John Hope Franklin are exemplary. Over his entire life, he was actively into the social issues surrounding the black community- poverty, health care, education, etc.
  • Activities- the activities of by John Hope Franklin on many capacities are worth mentioning. As a researcher, civic activist, and president of American Historical Association, American Studies Association he has contribution to some notable areas. This can also be a good aspect to consider for the paper.
  • Achievements – the achievements and the awards of John Hope Franklin go into pages. And you can focus on the same. What led him to achieve the awards as Bruce Catton Prize for Lifetime Achievement, Presidential Medal of Freedom, and John W. Kluge Prize for lifetime achievement in the study of humanity, etc. can be answered in the paper.
  • The influence – his influence, especially in the American civil war era can never be forgotten. He has influenced many figures to work for the equality and freedom. His dream was always akin with the American Dream.

These ideas will certainly help you decide the topic. After deciding the topic, next step will be to collect relevant and strong substance for the John Hope Franklin essay. Make sure you refer only the current and valid sources. Right substance is a precondition to a paper that stands out and that is what is your aim right? ProfEssays.com will ensure all these are taken care of. We work on the frame work of standard essay examples. We give it a title that matters. It will be followed by a robust introduction with proper background and strong thesis statement. Then by way of the main body we give your essay all the content required. As said earlier we give only novel content that are well researched. By way of conclusion we give a solid ending to the paper. Be sure the paper will be fully customized. Feel free to give us your criteria as required. Your full satisfaction is our only motto.

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