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John Edward Mack was a Pulitzer Prize winner of 1977. He also served as a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School. He is a personality rich to explore, with many interesting and often inspiring works during his life span. However delving into the personality is not an easy task, as you need to be able to see through his work and researches before you can draw conclusions of them. And this demands you to put a lot of time searching through the materials available about him. ProfEssays.com will ensure you a John Edward Mack essay well written and with all the required substance to keep you ahead of the competition.

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As a psychiatrist John Edward Mack wanted to understand how individuals conceive the world around them. His study also extended to understanding the spiritual realm of an individual. His main contribution to the field is his attempt to rationalize what cannot be validated with scientific means. He has inspired many of the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and ET (Extraterrestrial) researches. Additionally he was very much concerned of the social issues facing the humanity and nuclear war. His unconventional method for research, i.e., without any rational back up was criticized heavily, but he was not a quitter, he continued his approach to understand what he set out to. Read more on the following topics: methodology examples, cause and effect essay and narrative essay writing help.

The appeal of such a personality is difficult to represent in the paper- well but not with ProfEssays.com alongside you.

The following outline will help you decide topic for your John Edward Mack Essay:

  • The title – you can talk about the childhood or the early life of him. Also you can focus on his works and researches, the challenges he faced and how he influenced other. Since he is especially lauded for his seminal work in the area of alien abduction, this topic can give you a lot to write on.
  • The introduction – introduction part will give a general background on his life. Also you should create a platform for the topic you are discussing. For example, if you are going to talk about alien abduction and the results of his work, you can just tell the readers what alien abduction is and how Jon Edward Mack contributed to the same.
  • Body – this is the major part as here you discuss all the points you are dealing in the essay. Body part is usually divided into three paragraphs. Each paragraph deals with separate points with supporting information.
  • The conclusion – the conclusion is the ending paragraph for the essay. Here you wrap up your essay by summarizing the points you made earlier in the body part. A strong conclusion is the last opportunity for you to bring the readers to your side.

Probably alien abduction and John Edward Mack can never be kept apart. And that is what he is specially known for- alien abduction phenomenon and the experience of the victims. Since 1990s he started an investigation of alien abduction and those who claimed that they have been abducted by alien. His startling contention after the research was that those victims were in fact healthy mentally and that abduction phenomenon goes beyond ordinary explanation. This attracted a huge controversy; but at the bright side, abduction phenomenon started to be looked at as worthy of further study and attention.

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