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Home schooling is now a trend in education these days. Many parents who are dissatisfied and frustrated with the public school system end up teaching their own sons and daughters in the comforts of their own home. Contrary to common belief, home schooling has been long existent – its roots can be found even as early as 17th century. This concept was common only to a small elite group then but today, many parents have ventured into educating their own child. Despite the deep roots of home schooling, many people tend to disregard if not, totally dismiss, the whole concept of educating a child in the home. The very critique on home schooling is the tendency of a child to not be able to develop his social skills. Many professional teachers, academes and experts also do not encourage it as well, because they say that the standards of education will not be met sufficiently.

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Naturally, these criticisms are often ignored by those who have seen the benefits of home schooling. Many of those who opted to be home schooled have generally gone through the generic public or private school system – and as such, they have a concrete base knowledge on the lack of effect of the said system on their child’s education. Otherwise, they would not have looked for other options, and an unconventional one, at that. This said, many home schooling advocates easily address the criticisms on education at home. Developing the social skills of a child is easy – as there are many youth-oriented clubs and organizations that the child can join in.

In addition to this, there are now organizations who have been established for the sole purpose of supporting children and parents who are into home schooling. Usually, such organizations come up with social activities where home schooled children can come together and interact. Meanwhile, many parents acknowledge that when one has decided to have their child home schooled – they are getting themselves into a serious commitment. Hence, ensuring that the child’s education is at par with the standards of the government education system is a responsibility that most parents (if not all) would always want to take. In considering home schooling, the benefits are endless. ProfEssays.com provides you with a short list of such benefits, which might just inspire you on how you can begin to write your custom essay paper.

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We guarantee you that we can provide you assistance, starting off with the following home schooling benefits which may give you ideas for starting your essay.

  • Safe environment as many publics schools today have become sites of violence
  • The lessons are tailored to the student’s needs
  • Increased bonding between parent and child
  • One on one education that provides extensive attention on skills development
  • Children become more well mannered
  • Ensures that your child is not exposed to bad influence

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