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History of Women in the Military Essay Writing Help

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History of women who stepped into the battle field and put their lives on stake has been a constant point of discussion. For instance if ancient Greeks be considered, Amazons were so dedicated to the warfare that each of them cut off one of their breasts in an attempt to further their ability to throw spears and shoot. The British also recount famous tales of Queen Boudicca, popular for spearheading a revolt in A.D. 61 against The Romans.

She sacked London after the her husband’s death who was the King. Even Americans can point towards the colonist Margaret Corbin, who bravely fought during the British attack on the Fort Washington in the famous Revolutionary War. This woman kept battling until she was finally wounded. In Indian War history there are endless examples of brave women fighters like Rani Laxmi Bai, Rani Chenamma, etc who fought against The Britishers for the emanscipation of their respective estates. For most of the part, however, the history of women in military has been a combination of myth and overstatement, which are mixed up with a few true accounts.

Indeed, throughout the history one notices that most of the societies had banned women from any kind of military participation. Those few women who some how managed to attain crucial management or leadership positions in the military services were forced into it due to circumstances. Military has long been a male-dominated area and the entry of women into it happened by accident or by chance. Approach ProfEssays.com for professional assistance.

The restrictions that came upon the women were a result of each society’s norms related to the perfect roles of both men and women. While drafting your History of women in the military essay you can incorporate the key points in the form of examples to support of your answer.

  • In ancient Rome, Greece and in the Christian faiths, women have always been perceived as the nurturers and home makers whose work is to shower love and happiness, while men were perceived as the protectors of the domestic sphere called home.
  • One can notice that all these cultures pinned women to a position that was inferior to the men. If Aristotle’s views on the role of women be considered, the women were supposed to be passive, they did not have many rights and they were treated as minors.
  • It also needs to be considered that neither Roman nor the Greek women were allowed to hold a public office or vote. In addition, the early Christian and Jewish beliefs restricted women from preaching or teaching.
  • Therefore one cannot even hypothetically imagine women belonging to these cultures becoming a part of the military circuit.

It was during the Renaissance that the women started gaining access to education, and they eventually got involved with managing top business and property positions. England’s Elizabeth, Spain’s Isabella , Russia’s Catherine, etc are some of the names that acquired higher military and administrative positions. In your essay you can talk about the progress in the field of women’s rights which was a little slow but constant. Read more on the following topics: how to write an MBA essay paper, comparative essay format and illustration essay writing assistance.

History of women in the military essay seeks to analyze the position and the contribution of women in the military circuit. But you would be required to trace down the entire trajectory to make a coherent argument. You may pick up the examples that have already been stated above and you may just elaborate on them. You need to keep in mind the format which is a five paragraph format. Read up a lot of secondary material and then get started with essay. At any point if you find things going over your head ProfEssays.com can make them simpler for you.

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