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In 1977, American engineer Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation was quoted of saying, “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” This quote has obviously been disproved, with the continuous increase in the sales of computers or similar devices. In fact, in the year of 2009, almost 80% of the United State’s population has been reported to have at least one computer in their household. That is a huge jump from the mere 8.2% of home computer owners in the year of 1984. Surely, this remarkable increase is only evident of the changing times and needs that have become apparent and essential to us today. With the upsurge on technology and the necessity of which, computers have become very accessible, affordable and reliable.

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The credibility, flexibility and ease that computers bring forth to us today did not start easily. In fact, the history of computing started roughly. Based on the root word, compute – the very purpose of computers is to automate computation. During the early years of human history, there have been numerous attempts to make computation easier. Abacus is one of the most used counting device during this time and is believed to have been a precursor of computers. When writing a history of computing essay, you must not only consider writing about the convenience of computer hardware, software and peripherals. The convenience that we do experience today can be more appreciated if we consider the roots of the computing. ProfEssays.com, your reliable and trusted essay writing assignment provider, can assist you in writing this type of a custom essay. Read more on the following topics: IB extended essay writing, teaching essay writing and Hamlet essay writing assistance.

ProfEssays.com is a company dedicated to provide the most extensive form of assistance when academic paper writing is concerned. Truth is, our expertise is not limited to the creation of custom essays. We can also write custom term paper, custom research paper, dissertation, thesis and coursework. To start off in helping you write your essay, we have enlisted here some of the benchmarks of the history of computing in a timeline.

  • 1939: Bill Hewlett and David Packard produced the first Audio Oscillator, a test equipment used by engineers. This is the birth of Hewlett-Packard, or HP as we call it today.
  • 1940: The complex number calculator was completed.
  • 1941: The Z3 computer was created by Konrad Zuse. This devices is the first working programmable computer machine.
  • 1942: The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was build by Professor John Vincent Atanasoff. It is known as the world’s first digital computer.
  • 1943: The Relay Interpolator was created by Bell Labs. It was created for the US army and its purpose is to help in testing the troupe’s M9 Gun director.
  • 1944: Harvard Mark 1 was conceptualized by Harvard University professor Howard Aiken. This machine is room sized and its function was to produce mathematical tables.

The outline we have provided above is just a glimpse of all the advancements and incidences that occurred when computing was just being developed. Today, as technology is one of the booming industries – developments are still expected. Hence, what was trendy a few months back is considered archaic now. The fast turn of events when history on computing is concerned, is a testament on the dynamics of this subject. Hence, if you are thinking of an essay topic for your history of computing essay, then the possibilities are truly endless. You just really have to pinpoint which part of its history you are most fascinated with. ProfEssays.com suggests that seeking an interesting essay topic can guarantee you with a good mark on your paper.

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