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The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a United States federal- government research institute established for the purpose of creating awareness and actively working against drug abuse. There are no words of the contributions of the institute in social service activities. Writing National Institute on Drug Abuse Essay means you need to talk about the institute, its research, the activities that it has carried out and the influence of the same on the society. If you feel you need an expert hand to ensure that your essay is nothing but perfection, just turn to ProfEssays.com for all the help.

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National Institute on Drug Abuse has, for decades, trying to reduce the drug users’ number in the nation. It has been continuously working to aware and de-addicting the addicts. They have also been continuously researching and dealing with the health consequence of drug abuse including the lethal HIV/AIDS. They have been also source of information and inspiration to the public and a warning hand for those who are dragged towards addiction. With continuous research, the institute has gathered a vault of information and on drug abuse trend, the consequences and the solution measures. Certainly the steps taken by the institute are worth applauding. And all these offer you a lot to talk about the topic for your essay.

The following ideas can help you decide the topic and develop your National Institute on Drug Abuse Essay.

  • The history and the background- you can talk about the history from the institute coming into being in 1974 and how it made itself so important and grew in time. You can also focus on some of its significant achievements. Also you can do a case study analysis on some of its research, activities.
  • NIDA and AIDS research- it continuously carries out researches on AIDS patients the victim of drug abuse. Also, rehabilitation and clinical test to help the patients and research for prevention of the disease are the priority of the organization.
  • NIDA and Activities to counter Drug uses- NIDA collects information on various kinds of drugs that are in use and the trend of the same. Also, it conducts research and study on mental and physical consequences of drug abuse. Plus, there are continuous efforts towards finding the treatments methods to help the drug addicts and the diseases affecting them.
  • Support for anti-drug activities- anti drug campaigns, trying to create awareness among the most vulnerable section of the society have been the culture of NIDA. The focus obviously would be the teenagers, the college students and the youths. Many publications and archives targeted to these audiences by NIDA are helpful in creating awareness and reduce the number of drug users in our society.
  • • Resources for patients, practice, information- NIDA is a vault of information that are useful to the patients, physicians, and the general public. By various means it attempts to inform the negative results of drug abuse on the victim. Also collects statistics on the drug usage, the kind of users, the main culprit, and the consequences, of the same.

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