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How to ChooseThesis Sample

Why Review Thesis Samples?

There are multiple reasons why you may want to review a thesis sample:

– To check adherence to standard thesis format of your paper: margins, paginations, and heading.

– To check the difference between thesis sample formats done in APA, MLA, Chicago styles. Sometimes learning from an example can be more effective.

– To search for useful phrases that you may use in an abstract, acknowledgement, or in introducing your sources

– To learn how the methodology chapter should be written

– To learn how a thesis is different from thesis research proposal.

Thus, the theses you can find here were chosen to ensure that whatever you look for, you’ll find it here. Please find below 4 thesis samples written in APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago styles. Each thesis sample contains a title page, an acknowledgement, table of contents, introduction and methodology for your review.


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Thesis Sample Topics

Help with Finding Thesis Sample

If you review the four theses sample topics below you will note that a thesis topic is best when it is narrower in scope rather than a general category. For example in sample number 3, the thesis topic is narrowed to traffic flows in the city of Almero rather than an entire state. A thesis statement should also indicate the approach you will take in analyzing your topic. For example in sample number 1, it’s clear that a case study has been done whereas sample #4 uses a comparative analysis.

  1. When the Publisher is a Politician, A Case Study of The Idaho Falls Post Register’s Coverage of the 2002 Idaho Gubernatorial Campaign.
  2. Comparison of Stable Isotope Ratios in Modern and Pleistocene Large Herbivores. Analysis of the impact of water and food stress and other physiological factors.
  3. Spatial and temporal analyses of traffic flows in the city of Almero.

The Efficiency of EU Cohesion Policy: A Comparative Analysis


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Tips for Formulating a Good Thesis Topic

It is much easier to conduct research and analyze a thesis topic that stirs your curiosity and challenges you. The amount of work and motivation that you have toward your research can ultimately be affected by your attitude about the topic. Choose a manageable topic and make certain that you have approval from your instructor before initiating full blown research. Narrowing your thesis statement can help ensure that you can adequately discuss your topic in enough depth to be interesting. For example in the thesis samples we provided a broad category of Publishers as Politicians was narrowed to specifically discuss coverage by one specific form of media for the Gubernatorial Campaign in Idaho for the year 2002. Narrowing the topic allows you to focus and discuss the topic in greater detail.


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Common Formatting Elements of Thesis Samples

As you review thesis sample format, you will find the following common elements:

Margins for a thesis are kept to 1.25” for the Top margin, 1” margins for the bottom and right margins and the left margin at 1.25” to allow for clear copying and proper binding. A thesis should be printed using only one side of the page and should be double spaced throughout, however, reference lists and footnote sections and any lengthy passages of quoted material or text in lists, appendices and tables should be single spaced.

Careful review of thesis samples will show that the thesis title page includes University Name, Title, Author, followed by the statement “A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of (degree name), submission year. Although the title page is counted as page i, the number is not printed on the page.

Further review of pagination formatting will reveal that the Abstract is page ii but is not printed on the page. Any remaining introductory pages are numbered sequentially beginning with iii. Arabic numerals starting with “1” are used to label the main section of text as well as the bibliography and reference section including any text, graphics and images or appendices. Page numbers should appear in the upper right hand corner of the page which is usually done by adding them to the document header.


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How do MLA thesis sample, APA thesis sample and Turabian thesis sample differ?

The primary difference between MLA, APA, and Turabian thesis samples is in how reference and source information is documented and formatted.

1.)    The Bibliography page under the guidelines are as follows:

  1. MLA style bibliography should be titled “Work Cited” and the entry is written in the following format: Author, Name. Title. City: Publisher, Year. Location (Online or Print)
  2. Chicago style bibliography page is titled “Bibliography” and the entry is formatted: Author, Name. Title. City: Publisher, Year. The Turabian style is based on the Chicago style and is commonly used by students of history.
  3. APA and Harvard style bibliography page is entitled “Reference List” and is documented as follows: Author, N. (Year). Title. City: Publisher. This style of formatting is common for graduate level work.

2.)    Citing of References Within Text is as follows:

  1. Chicago and Turabian s

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