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Geography Thesis Writing Help

The subject matter of a Geography thesis includes all aspects of life that can be related to the peculiarities of the physical location in which they occur. You can have a geography research paper to talk about the agricultural life of people in Tunisia, or the types of animals that can be found in Tibet. Illustrative samples of a geography thesis can be found in the website of ProfEssays.com.

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Geography thesis writing

Geography thesis writing involves study, experimentation, analysis and research of geography in detail. It can be related to climate, environment, earth systems and sciences, climatic influences on life sciences, environmental influences on humans and so on. Once your topic is decided you go about following the regular format for thesis writing

  • Introduction to the topic and a statement of purpose of research
  • Matter collected from available resources on the topic should be assessed and presented logically
  • Methodology of the study, what types of studies were conducted
  • Findings of the study
  • A conclusion

Geography thesis writing can be about the agricultural life of rural India, the earthquakes of Indonesia and Japan, the deserts of Arabia, the sea level, the tsunami, the highlands, the Everest, the North Pole, the Polar Bear, the Antarctica and so on.

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Geography thesis topics

Geography is a study of earth and its people, lands, seas, mountains and natural phenomenon surrounding it. There are four categories under which studies are conducted. There are many branches that geography could be divided into.
Like, broadly

  • Physical geography – geography as an earth science
  • Human geography – mans interaction with various environments
  • Geomatics – use of traditional spatial techniques for GIS, GPS, remote sensing etc.
  • Environmental geography- interactions between humans and natural world

So a few suggestions from ProfEssays.com on geography thesis topics are

  • The continents of the world
  • The active volcanoes of Japan
  • The tsunami of 2004
  • Earthquakes causes
  • The Amazon river

Other possible topics:

  1. Explain the geographical factors that influenced the waging of the two World Wars.
  2. The invasion and occupation of Austria by the Ottoman Turks were partly geographically motivated. What were these geographical considerations.
  3. Compare and contrast the efficiency of governments in countries consisting of one land mass and countries consisting of islands. Does the number of islands pose an obstacle to efficient government?
  4. Is temperament geographically influenced. Explain why or why not.

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Institute of geography thesis

The Institute of Geography thesis project combines teaching with research, making its students a part of their on going research projects. They get involved in the thesis writing of their research groups which are

  • Earth systems and environmental science- this is about the earth and its rocks, minerals, mines, magnetism etc.
  • Human geography- interfaces between science and human geography, specializing in geographies of relations and identities
  • Global change-research of the dynamics and interactions of oceans, atmosphere
  • Earth observatory-remote sensing and Geographic Information Science

The research conducted and the Institute of Geography thesis is considered excellent and of the highest quality.
Their research is closely incorporated with their teaching, providing an extensive range of motivating courses, led by researchers at the head of their fields.

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Geography thesis help

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