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Biological Warfare Thesis

How to Write Biological Warfare Thesis

Biological warfare means using biological agents like bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc. as biological weapons against the war enemy. The main intention of such is to cause casualties by the medium of air, water, cattle, or crops. The instances of the use of biological weapon can be found as early as in the ancient world like in Trojan War, or the sacred war of Greece. And the recent instance is the infamous use of Anthrax post September 11 attack in New York. Many succumbed to death with anthrax a disease caused by bacteria Bacillus Anthracis, allegedly used as a bio weapon by bio- terrorists. With so many interesting avenues to explore, biological warfare is a popular topic among the students of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, etc. For an expert assistance for your biological warfare thesis, you can depend on ProfEssays.com.

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Embrace the following ideas for a good biological warfare thesis

  1. The mechanism- the easiest way to attack the enemy is by contaminating the water and crops used by a community. Also, the viruses like anthrax are released into air so that those inhaling contract the disease. The main diseases that are the results of biological warfare are anthrax, small- pox, plague and cholera among others.
  2. The history- the use of biological weapons in war dates back to antiquity. It has been used in many wars including the First and the Second World War. Besides, the terrorists also have used it to infect the people, for instance in 1990s and early 2000s. Thus there are a lot of instances and possibilities of terrorists using bio weapons for their target.
  3. The consequences- the people will get the disease soon after coming into contact with the evil agents. Also the weapon may stay in the water and air for long time, even decades and centuries thus causing hazard to the victims. The diseases caused can be minor and sometimes deathly.
  4. The prevention- there are systems that detect biological agents in the environment. Also the defense mechanisms of a country need to be tightened. It is said that biological terrorism is may take place anytime in USA. Thus, USA has already embraced bio- defense mechanism to ensure least damage in case of bio- terrorism. However, it still remains a challenge because there are many agents that can be used as bio- weapons and hence dealing with the same means a lot of effort and expenditure.
  5. The conventions- Biological Weapons Convention was held in 1972 with as many as 80 countries participating with many amendments later. This restricts the testing, holding and developing of biological agents that can be used for as bio- weapons. In spite of the strict rules and regulations, many countries are alleged to have continued to develop bio- weapons.
  6. The war- for the essay you can also talk about the various war that have used the bio- weapons. You can talk about how, which biological agents were used, and the extent of impact they created. For instance, you can focus on the use of anthrax by the bio terrorist in USA in 2001, or those used in Second World War.

Decide the topic that interests you and in which you have enough support. Talking to the classmates and the instructors is a good way to gather ideas. And remember that introduction comes first in the essay then comes the body part and finally conclusion. You can borrow further help on this regard from the link useful prompts to help you to write your essay paper. And remember a good essay depends upon the time you spent and effort and interest you put in it.

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