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Arts Thesis

The Arts Thesis: Finding Beauty in Everything

An arts thesis should not be difficult for anyone who can really find beauty in the subject matter of his choice. The writer of this thesis could as well discuss the Mona Lisa as an empty tin can of Pork and Beans. A really interesting arts thesis is actually a persuasive essay of sorts because the writer should try to convince his readers that the object of his discussion is really a work of art. Masterfully done and scholarly examples of any type of essay, whether it be a narrative essay, a scientific essay or an arts thesis may be found by browsing through the article archives of ProfEssays.com.

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It should be mentioned that the term “arts thesis” normally refers to the visual arts. The subject matter of an arts thesis may be anything and everything visible under the sun. For so long as the object has form and substance, it can be subjected to aesthetic evaluation. The only limitation of an arts thesis is the writer’s own comprehension of the universal principles of form and construction that determine the artistic merit of any object. Naturally, a considerable familiarity with the various styles and idioms of art will be helpful for the writer to convincingly send his arguments through to the readers. Very possibly, authoritative references will need to be used.

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