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Geography Term Paper- Knowing Your Surrounding

Geography is comprised of two words- geo means earth and ‘graphy’ means description. Thus, geography means a description of the earth. Geography can be divided into many- topography, biography, climatology which is related to the physical surrounding around us and social geography, economic geography, political geography, etc which are related to human beings and their society. Geography intends to understand how the physical environment functions. No matter what topic you choose for your term paper, ProfEssays can offer you professional help to complete your geography term paper.

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Writing a geography term paper demands deep understanding of the interrelationship among various factors that constitute a single phenomenon. For example if you are considering to study on physical environment, you should also understand how the soil, ocean, climate in that particular region interact with each other. Unlike the action research and argumentative research paper, geographic term paper takes form of experimental and analytical research. You should make sure you follow the following steps to successfully complete your custom research paper.

  • General Outline and styles- like any other custom research paper, geographic term paper also need to be written in formal formats like Introduction, research paper abstract, body, conclusions, references, research paper bibliography. Also you need to follow a proper style of writings like APA style, MLA style, Chicago style, etc.
  • Sources of data- sources of data can be primary source and secondary source. The primary sources forms the actual data collected by you. You go to the field and collect samples of soil, water, plants, etc. and analyze the same. In secondary data, you collect information from available sources and develop your research paper based on them.
  • Scientific analysis- it involves an objective analysis of the data. In this you may use quantitative techniques and analyze the trend and give predictions e.g., weather forecasting.
  • Subjective analysis- however not all the aspects of geography can be studied using scientific approach. Human geography which comprises of social geography, economic geography etc may demand subjective analysis. However the conclusions drawn should be backed with supportive facts and evidences.
  • Integrative approach- geography is a multidisciplinary subject that involves the interaction of human with the physical environment, like soil erosion and its effect to society. Besides there is interaction among the human factors and the physical factors within them, like, social and economic factors. This interaction should be appropriately included in the research paper.

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