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Communication Studies Term Paper

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Communication studies is an academic discipline that attempts to scrutinize and study the dynamics and fundamental aspects of communication. Communication or the act of exchanging messages, verbally or otherwise, is an inevitable element of human interaction. Any being, in more ways than one, will find himself obliged to exercise his communication skills as we are essentially social, by nature. This academic study devoted to the examination of the methods and techniques in communication is a discipline under humanities. Communication, contrary to common perception, is an activity that is not limited to two individuals. There are varied forms of communication, which includes the following: organizational communication, interpersonal communication and mass communication. These three forms are just few of the numerous ways on how humans tend to interact with other people through exchange of symbols.

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In studying communication, the very first thing that we should understand is that all forms of communication are coded – regardless of its execution. In a society, there is common and general understanding that a specific action, picture or word is equated to one particular meaning. For example, the red traffic light is a form of communication that signifies drivers to stop. These conceptions are generated to promote uniformity and order, and to avoid chaos in any given group. When studying communication, there are currently two approaches that are instituted by academics. Referred to as the two school of thoughts in communication, these two approaches in the academe are the core foundation of many institutions. ProfEssays.com provides you with these two approaches, outlining the basics of both.

  1. Process School of Communication
    • In a nutshell, this approach in studying communication outlines the course of communication. That is, it suggests that principally, communication is the manner of transmitting and receiving messages.
    • This was conceptualized when American electrical engineer and mathematician Claude Shannon attempted to resolve the communication problems in Bell Telephone Corporation. He wanted to get rid of the noise disruptions in the process of communication and he did so by identifying the communication procedure.
    • In an outline the basic process of communication, according to the process school, is as follows: source – transmitter – channel – receiver – destination
  2. Semiotic School of Communication
    • Simply put, the semiotic school perceives communication as the process of creating meanings for codes, and sharing them within a society.
    • This school of communication is concerned with the understanding of text and symbolism used in the context of communication. Semiotics is also concerned with how an individual mentally processes the communication symbols that he receives. The study of semiotics is divided further into three branches: Semantics, Syntactic, Pragmatics.

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