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Speech Presentation Tips

Here are some speech presentation tips to guide you all throughout the process:

  • Using PowerPoint presentations are convenient and at the same time provide a clear structure on your delivery.
  • ¬†Knowing your how much time you have is essential as cutting your speech presentation can be a downfall and the message you wanted to convey is either incomplete or will be misunderstood.
  • Organizing your thoughts in a structured written piece can help certainly get your message across. Start with your main topic then move to your supporting details.
  • Using humor carefully is a must as some of your audience may consider inappropriate jokes as offensive remarks.
  • Developing strong supporting stories can enhance your credibility and at the same time get you audience to be more attached to the topic.
  • Closing on a high note is necessary so that your audience can remember the elements of your speech. The last minute of the talk should make your audience feel fulfilled and delighted at the same time.

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