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Urban Studies Research Paper

Urban studies research paper should be treated very seriously by those who are writing it. The majority of us live in urban area; that is why we are to learn more about this issue. Before preparing the paper concerning urban studies, one should get to know what it is. As a rule, urban studies include all the disciplines and approaches that concern urban life. They may be the following 1) urban economics, 2) urban architecture, 3) urban planning, 4) urban ecology, 5) urban social relations, 6) urban politics, 7) urban transportation systems, 8 ) urban geography, and 9) urban anthropology. Students are often required to write urban studies research papers to discuss the problems concerning urban life. It is done because of two major purposes. Firstly, it is one of the means to summarize the knowledge received during the course. Secondly, students become aware of the problems that occur in urban area.

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About Urban Studies

Urban studies give a theoretical base to planning, retail site selection, real estate development, crime profiling, logistic analysis and similar professions. The major purpose of urban studies is to understand the interplay of factors over space, their functions and interrelationships. It deals with urban expansion, improvements, human & environmental aspects and their regional distribution. Two approaches are applied in this field. The first one is of ‘city system,’ which refers to spatial distribution of cities, flows & linkages that bind them in space. The second one is of ‘city as a system’ that basically relates to patterns of distribution and interaction, which take place within cities.

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A Sociology Research Paper

A sociology research paper could be written with less effort if you follow several simple pieces of advice. The first thing to do before preparing this writing is to choose a topic. Actually, it is one of the most difficult and important steps. Then, you should refine and research the problem under analysis. The next step is to analyze the resources and write the paper. Use a brief outline to organize your writing.

An Urban Geography Research Paper

Urban geography research paper is written to get more information about the environment in urban areas. Its topic must be relevant to the writer. Do not forget that a successful geography paper should be closely connected with the current trends in the field. Otherwise, it will be uninteresting and pointless. You may choose whether one or several issues to research. Try to sound argumentative in every part of your research paper.

A Political Science Research Paper

A political science research paper will be a successful experience if you follow these tips while writing it: 1) be argumentative, 2) support your arguments by means of logic and evidence, 3) be original and creative, 4) use counter-examples, 5) use proper citation, 6) do not present basic terms and be aware that your reader already knows basic information concerning the topic. Remember that a good research paper has only one point in one paragraph.

An Anthropology Research Paper

Anthropology research paper deals with the study of mankind. Although the research is considered to be the major part of writing, one should understand that it is also very important to stick to the required structure and format to succeed with the assignment. First of all, a writer should consult with his/her instructor to get a general idea of the paper. Then, it is necessary to plan your time and prepare an outline for your writing.

An Architecture Research Paper

An architecture research paper is usually written to analyze buildings. Professional writers say that there are two types of research that can be applied here. They are research in books and visual analysis. It means that a writer should read what architects have written about the problem under analysis or he/she must look at all the necessary plans and pictures himself/herself. It is also very important to select resources for conducting the research. Be attentive and do not plagiarize.

An Urban Studies Analysis

Urban studies analysis is written not just to give information about the problem. It is necessary to show the writer’s ability to think logically and independently. In fact, one should compare several urban areas, give relevant examples, discuss different approaches, and give descriptive and constructive comments in such a paper. Of course, all these requires much knowledge that is why be ready to refer to many different resources to search information.

An Urban Studies Thesis Statement

Urban studies thesis statement is an obligatory part of your writing if you are going to get an excellent mark for it. A good thesis should reveal the main idea and give the map of Help with Urban Studies Research Papersyour writing. It will be great if you insert some provocative idea into your thesis. Be creative and try to catch the reader’s attention by means of a great thesis statement. Do not use unknown terms in thesis.

You can choose one of the following topics for your paper:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Urban Economics
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Urban Crisis, Transport & Infrastructure Stress
  • Pros and Cons of Urbanization
  • Squatter Settlements and their proliferation
  • Urban Heat Zones and Climate Change
  • Urban Gentrification
  • Urban engineering

After choosing a topic for your writing you should prepare a preface on the problem to be dealt in the research paper. It must illustrate in brief the diversity of urban experience and examine the variations in the level of urbanization. The rates of change in that level ought to be discussed in the paper. However, the majority of the text in most of the urban studies research papers has to examine the relationships between urbanization, level of economic development and social conditions, as well as disparities within these relationships.

The text should be based on the data that provides information on the levels of urbanization, population, growth rates, income and economic development. The authenticity of data applied is indispensable. Critical evaluations of the various urban processes can become a perfect theme for an urban studies research paper. One must explore the topics in the context of genesis, migrations and ethnicity, economic conditions, spread of cities, types of urban personalities and groups, power structures and reform movements. Drawing conclusions with substance and potential is of paramount importance in any research paper. Future prospects must not be ignored in the paper. As in case of urban processes (slum growth, in-migration etc), the future prospects of expansion and maturation are very important for working out regional and economic plans.

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