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Severe acute respiratory syndrome research paper 123 writing guide

Severe acute respiratory syndrome research paper is an academic task undertaken by students in science classes or departments, it involves disclosing issues like; history, causes, treatment or solutions, and other important matters regarding the disease. SARS as it is popularly called is obviously a respiratory disease caused by the Coronavirus designated by the symbol SARS-CoV. Severe acute respiratory syndrome is pandemic like other virus infection such as smallpox but unlike smallpox that is hosted by humans SARS causative virus is hosted by Mammals and birds e.g. pigs, birds, etc. The Coronavirus attacks the immune systems of humans breaking down resistance to diseases, the spread is nothing compared to HIV-AIDS, and it is by far more dangerous how? The reason is that while it takes times in fact years for HIV to totally break down human immunity or lead to AIDS, it takes CoV mere minutes to wield its destructive power over the human system hence leading to quick death after infection most times less than 24hrs, what is more, another reason why SARS is far more dangerous than aids is the medium of transfer from one person to the other more abut will be disclosed in this severe acute respiratory syndrome research paper instructional writing plus how to write a good grade friendly research paper and buy research paper at a crazily low price from ProfEssays.com.

Issues/ Brief Historical Definition

The first case of severe acute respiratory syndrome was first reported in province of China Guangdong in November 2002 Shunde, Foshan to be precise when McKay Dennis (dead) a farmer was said to be treated in one of the hospital – first people’s hospital in Foshan to precise this incident add to the republic of China’s delay in raising public alarm especially to authorized organizations like the WHO create a springboard for other cases to occur inhibited, in 2003 the Chinese government alerted the world health organization by then cases have spread to several thousands. The symptoms of SARS is described as flu-like kind of like having cold, fever, lethargic leading to gastrointestinal symptoms, cough and sore throat, the predominant symptoms is temperature of above 38 0C.

The above is just a basic genesis of the plague more information could be obtained from libraries, manuals, internet, and other reliable sources caution! Do not be carried away by multitudes of information okay? As this will most likely lead to logging the brain with excess information that could to counter effects like confusion, add to this, remember that you are not allowed to copy and paste it is called plagiarism the purpose of gathering information is to build data base and support facts however if you wish to copy do it with citation using the following format; APA, Chicago, Harvard, or MLA format research paper. To avoid the counter effect from excessive information collection it is advisable that you sample different issues regarding the subject; what are people saying about it, news, etc, then try to brainstorm and decide on what to write about, extract interesting research paper topics and develop a theory once this is done you are now free to search for information which will be more focus and direct to the point.

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123 guide to severe acute respiratory syndrome paper

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  • The first step to any writing is to have an idea of what you want to write about, this have nothing to do with the subject as this will enable you become focus, make writing faster and more professional when this is done find out the research paper rubrics for the paper
  • Next is to choose a research paper topic followed by planning and structuring the paper, this of course will take some brainstorming sessions while at it generate some research paper questions to use as guide in the process of writing
  • Knowledge of some writing techniques like; controversial, and persuasive research paper writing is important, other techniques are description, information, cause and effect, definition, analyses, evaluation essay paper writing will also be of great advantage
  • Look out for grammatical and punctuation errors as this could lead to your paper been penalize
  • Do you know the different parts or component of research paper? find out and use in writing
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Severe acute respiratory syndrome is caused by Coronavirus a virus infection found in Mammal and birds and writing severe acute respiratory syndrome research paper like smallpox research paper writing might just produce lasting solution to the scourge.

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