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Research Paper on Leadership

Research Paper on Leadership – A Guide to Writing

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Here is a list of possible topics for you research paper on leadership:

  1. Compare and contrast two specific instances of leadership. One should be autocratic-monarchical in context and the other, in the context of a democratic government. Have a set of criteria which you will use to gauge the efficiency of one as opposed to that of the other. Do you think whatever shortcomings were apparent in one type of leadership had something to do with the framework of government in which the protagonist was acting. Why or why not?
  2. Make a research on the limitations of personal leadership that may be a hindrance to the efficiency of the president of a democracy. Propose moves to improve such situations.
  3. Adolf Hitler- Can he really be considered a true leader? Base your contention on a detailed listing of the traits you think a true leader should have. Cite instances in his life to prove your arguments.
  4. Is it time to have a true international leadership in the world today? Why or why not? If your opinion is positive, how would you go about politically establishing such a global government?

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